Why Do Women Gain Weight During Menopause?

woman exercising

Every woman knows that at some time within their life they go end up going right through that life change referred to as menopause they have heard so much about. Menopause marks the ultimate end of 1 life phase and introduces women to another phase of these life. It’s the end of menstruation and is really a natural section of the aging process completely.


Menopause hits once, a woman is not any longer in a position to become pregnant that is a breath of oxygen for a few women but a depressing thought for others. Also, there’s lower degree of progesterone and estrogen. As the typical age for menopause is fifty-two, it could happen between your ages of forty-two and fifty-six anywhere. A female can confidently say that she’s begun her journey of menopause if she’s gone a whole year with no menstrual cycle.

While you can find advantages to this full life change, there’s the presssing problem of weight gain that the majority of women experience. This needless to say, makes them not happy but you can find things that could possibly be done to greatly help the weight gain situation out.

Hormonal Changes

Because of hormonal changes, weight gain will happen. From what degree will change from individual to individual though. But far beyond the typical hormone changes, there is the problem of lifestyle that is necessary also. Those that had no trouble eating a common comfort foods this past year may observe that their unhealthy lifestyle is actually dealing with toll on the bodies given that menopause has had residence within their life.

The great thing to do to avoid weight gain during menopause would be to adapt healthy diet plan and stick to them. Needless to say, you might still experience some weight gain and when that happens then you can certainly execute a lot to drop the excess pounds and obtain back shape. Although it is easy to state that the weight gain ought to be prevented, it isn’t always so easy.

Take Into Account

For those who have found yourself gaining twenty pounds or even more it is very important you obtain on your golf ball and do something positive about it. Those that gain excessive weight like this have a higher threat of developing diabetes, breast cancer, spine problems, knees and joint problems, and lung and heart related illnesses.

Since this are serious issues, it is very important to ensure that you are doing everything possible to find the weight off and keep it all off. Start by monitoring your calorie consumption. Calories aren’t just calories since it is essential to focus on exactly where you’re getting your calories. Carrots are likely to offer you better health a lot of red meat then. Alongside watching from what you take in closely, ensure that you are receiving enough exercise in.


Aerobic stretching and exercise is the best way to get started. After you enter the swing of things, you can include in some weight training exercise to greatly help burn bat and build some muscle tissue. Whether it’s running, walking, or yoga, as when you are in motion long, you’re heading in the proper direction. Additionally it is important to ensure that you are continuing along with your healthy eating and exercise habits even with you drop the weight to enable you to continue a wholesome lifestyle which will keep the weight off once and for all.