Why Am I Feeling Hot?

Hot flashes in a woman of mature age, symptoms of menopause, a female sitting at home on the floor blowing her face with papers

Are You Feeling HOT? Are you feeling HOT, HOT, HOT? The number one symptom menopausal women complain of is HOT FLASHES. I doubt that’s a big shocker to anybody reading this report. And just so that you know, I’ve heard pretty much every statement imagineable from girls who attempt to explain their FLARE-UPs to me at the workplace.

Let’s see…

I enjoy hearing them and have accumulated some favorites through the years that I now look back on and smile about. Flinging off the covers at night, fanning like a mad person, running the A/C at 50 degree weather are explanations spoke about day-in and day-out around here. It’s fun in the way that they explain the issue of hot flashes, but I guarantee you there’s a true cry for help when they reach the purpose of visiting me to help discover the issue.

I recall a patient a couple of years back that sat in the seat and dripped with sweat as I attempted to interview her. It was sad to have to see her suffer in that way but there was a much larger problem that the hot flashes had caused. The affection of her partner had dimished due to her constant and profuse perspiration. She felt half-human at the point and really needed some answers.

Hot flash

What exactly happens when a “Hot Flash” strikes? Vasomotor flushing is the technical expression and occurs when blood vessels in the skin of the neck and head open more widely than normal, allowing more blood to change in that area. This creates the warmth and redness that a woman feels during a “Hot Flash”. The explanations for the beginning of the hot flash can be many, but are usually the result of declining estrogens and rising levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). The actual difficulty is that one never knows if they will happen.

Usually ‘hot flashes’ will happen right during something very important or when you’re in front of a good deal of people. Everyday, I work with M.D.’s, Nurse Practitioners, and PA’s from throughout the region and in other nations who are more than welcome to call and discuss your care plan with me.


Because a patient must use just the hormones which are identified as deficient rather than something that’s convenient and packed with unnecessary elements for their body. I suggest a complete hormone panel prior to doing ANYthing from the world of hormones. I suggest Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, and at times DHEA and Cortisol levels to be analyzed. Hormone testing just provides a very good picture of what is going on inside. Another important part of the process is a patient interview.

This helps in assessing potential causes of the symptoms together with other health issues and family history information which may be contributing factors. Throughout the years I have been surprised a few times to understand that the problem wasn’t estrogen, but one of the other hormones (that I mentioned previously) being out of equilibrium. There also have been several times that the problem wasn’t hormonal, but a stress related illness for which I advocated herbal remedies and lifestyle changes.


Honestly, it would have been terrible to place estrogen treatment on board with these patients when estrogen was not the problem in any respect. That’s why I enjoy serving in the area of customized medicine. It’s about each individual and every need and it’s the reason why this area of medicine is growing almost exponentially around the nation. Don’t let another day go by feeling as though you will melt from the inside out. There are motives and safe treatment options for women experiencing menopausal hot flashes. Testing hormone deficiencies, including diet and lifestyle modifications, and getting adequate exercise can make a tremendous difference in the frustrations caused by menopausal hormone changes.