Are These Words Of Love?

Do you sometimes have trouble understanding exactly what your girlfriend means when you meet or speak with her? Don't worry, the following is a funny and irreverent translation designed to let you comprehend the...

How To Awake Your Inner Healer?

During a lengthy healing Ayurvedic retreat in India, the doctor said something that struck a chord. I relayed the exceptional experience of a "collecting up" of energies I was feeling when he repeated mantras...

How To Become Totally Positive?

The very best and quickest way to better your life is simple: just think more favorably. You've probably heard this many times before. It's true; like a great deal of things in life, getting...

Why Is Sitting Too Much Is The New Smoking?

Recent studies point to sitting too much as with the identical increase in mortality rate as smoking. Good Lord, now we must worry about sitting too! I wonder what our mortality rate is if...

Can Chronic Inflammation Cause Serious Harm To Your Body?

Inflammation touches many facets of our life. It plays a significant role in our body, and it is not something we could do without. But even as it protects us and plays a vital...

How To Teach Kids To Care For Pain?

Thirty years back on a little league field in New York State a child hurt his thumb when he was struck with the ball. The coach, who was also his father, looked in the...

Why Is Laughter Important To Your Health?

We're going to talk about for reasons why laughter is healthy for your body. Laughter enhances our immune system and our general functions. As you probably know, stress is one of the top factors...

How To Detect Menopause?

Menopause is one of the most dreaded times throughout most women's lives, and something that virtually every woman starts to worry about as she approaches her forties. During the early forties, some women start...
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