What Are The Challenges Of A Working Woman In India?

The Indian society is a patriarchal society because of the influence of faith. The dominant religion in India is Hinduism and it seems on the girl as inferior to man. This discrimination finds its...

Have You Discover The Power Of Working Girls?

Working girls throughout the world always figure out how to make an impression. Working girls are women who make a point of providing for themselves and their families. In today's world, the part of...

How Do You Define Courage?

Few women regard facing an ordinary workday as a brave feat. Why? Traditionally, only facing fear under perilous circumstances is tagged courageous. Running into a burning building to save a pet, pushing a pedestrian...

Do Women Have Unique Retirement Planning Needs?

Translating retirement dreams to reality could be challenging-especially for girls, who often need to overcome particular, gender-specific hurdles to reach financial security. These challenges include lower average earnings, child custody and support, elder care...

Why Should Women Awake?

It's about time we believe further to be sure our daughters have a much better life than we do. Ok, in the western world, women's situation isn't so bad: they could vote. They can...
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