What Activities Can Help Me Escape From Life?

Everyone needs a rest occasionally. The hustle and bustle of being a mother or father together with work and always needing to be somewhere can take its toll on both the body and head....

Θα πρέπει να χρησιμοποιήσετε όπλο Taser;

Your safety is among the most important things you shouldn't take for granted since this entails your lifetime. This is the reason you need to think about using a self-defense apparatus, a taser gun...

Do Single Moms Sacrifice Their Life To Their Job?

Most of us were taught to have a profession or occupation of some sort so as to generate money. The most common method is to work for somebody else as a worker. As a...

How To Support Your Immune System?

Media coverage of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has incited fear among the American public, emptied Chinatowns all over North America and stopped much of the travel between the U.S., Toronto, Canada, China, Taiwan...

What Is The Rule Of The Feminine?

Recently, an Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazam Sedighi angered a woman's group around the world when he said that promiscuous girls were responsible for earthquakes. It's not surprising that the women, especially in West, are...

It Is Abuse Or Liberation?

Depends upon today has been inundated with the unpremeditated demands the liberation of the complete women from the so-called domination by their male counterparts. Women felt that it's about time they have a control...

What Is Matriarchy?

Matriarchy existed in the first days of human civilization in lots of societies. Compassion, generative and creative forces of nature. This is against self-interest and reductionism that is the principal force of a patriarchal...

Woman Power?

How long until girls are running the world? From my estimation it is simply a matter of time, thus, I dare to ask the question. Currently women control a massive amount of the wealth...
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