What Are The Challenges Of A Working Woman In India?

The Indian society is a patriarchal society because of the influence of faith. The dominant religion in India is Hinduism and it seems on the girl as inferior to man. This discrimination finds its...

Ποιες είναι οι ομοιότητες των γυναικών;

I've observed for some time, girls of different age classes, attempting to pin down what makes them unique. I've begun to notice certain strains of similarity which I will expand , though at the...

How To Be A Feminine Woman?

What do women really want? The solution is rather simple: to have a definitive state in their lifetime, and to recover their self esteem sufficient enough to self control and openly express their irrepressible...

Equality Myths Around Women?

The best myth pervading current intelligent thought is that women in Britain are now doing well; they couldn't have it better. After all, they're getting more qualifications, more instruction, more access to employment and,...

How To Be A Female Leader?

The 'glass ceiling' is really a commonly used term which many working women make reference to and describes the occurrence of reaching a particular degree of seniority in a organization but finding moving any...

Is Feminism Against Beauty Contests?

Feminism isn't about hating men; Forced marriage along with other misogynist actions are forced on her behalf. Feminist of the global world desire to breakdown all barriers that obstruct women from being treated equally. They...

Γιατί χάνεται ο φεμινισμός στις μέρες μας;

Women still earn 72 cents to every $1.00 a person earns. Women continue to be considered the principal homemaker in most families and are still largely responsible for caring for the family and the...
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