What About My Weight?

Today I was looking in the mirror and looking back at me was a disgruntled me. I was looking at my picture and what I did not like. All I saw was what I...

How To Be A Supportable Woman?

In my journey as a Coach and a Direct Sales supporter, I often hear that lots of girls are frustrated with the lack of support they get from their significant other. One of my...

What Makes A Woman Feel Special?

Every woman really wants to feel very special, loved, and wanted. So what can you do to create your woman feel very special? You must understand your partner to learn what's right on her...

What Can We Learn From Northern Women?

If there is 1 thing in this life I know to be true, and that science continues to discover new support for every year, it is that we may change our responses to "stressful"...

Why To Lend A Hand?

Sex at a young age, difficulties in college, gang-related action, staying in abusive relationships, wearing provocative clothes, physical and psychological violence - versus - exceptional academic achievement, outstanding athleticism, involvement in extra- curricular activities...

How To Cultivate True Security?

Over a year ago I met a girl who desired to leave her job, and start her own company. She had a college degree, years of experience in her area and remarkable desire. Her...

Am I A Career-Minded Woman?

My inspiration for this Post came from a book I read about five years Back entitled, Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office 101, Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers authored by...

Why To Treat Myself To Something Nice?

Women love their job. If they are a regular mom or working mom, they will have their fair share of chores cut right out for them. There are specific necessities that people should do...
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