How Can Hemorrhoids Be Reduced?

Epsom Salts

You can shrink hemorhoids with home remedies. This means that you don’t have to undergo surgery to remove them. However, many methods within this system have been proven to be very effective. Because many hemorhoids sufferers are not allowed to explore the natural remedies at home, the demand for surgery is increasing.


These are nothing more than swollen blood vessels within the rectum or anus. It is only a matter shrinking these hemorhoids to permanently eliminate them. Internal hemorhoids that are still attached to the rectal wall can be called first-degree hemorhoids. They bleed, and the blood will ooze from the anus. There is no pain. They are called second-degree hemorhoids if they prolapse out the anus and then retract on their own after moving bowel.

When they protrude from the anus, third-degree hemorhoids should be pulled back with a finger. The fourth-degree hemorhoids is the last type. This includes external and thrombosed hemorhoids. They are permanently outside of the anus. Because of their size, there is no way to push them into the rectum. You can opt to have them surgically removed, but this is not necessary.

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  • Make a warm sitzbath for yourself. After that, soak your body below the waist for at least 20 minutes in warm water. You can add Epsom salts, herbal salts, tea, or baking powder to the bath. This will reduce pain and clean the recto-anal area.
  • Your diet should include plenty of fibers. Fibers can be found in fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, and whole grains. Fibers are indigestible carbohydrates which can absorb water. These fibers make stool bulkier and more dense, allowing them to pass easily through the digestive tract. This will decrease the time that food waste stays in the body, which reduces the chance of infection. Bulkier stool means less chance of constipation or blockage. You can also purchase psyllium, which is a readily available fiber, at the pharmacy.
  • Use a suppository that contains an astringent and an anesthetic. This will greatly help with hemorhoids. The hemorhoids will shrink as the hemorhoids’ blood flow is reduced by the astringent. The anesthetic will reduce pain where there is discomfort. This is due to the rapid absorption of medication into the rectal area by the large network of capillaries. The steroid will reduce the inflammation and also remove the itching caused by the mucus secretion and leaked feces.


If you need to quickly recover from hemorhoids, you can shrink hemorhoids using home remedies. This method has been proven safe, effective, and cheap by thousands of hemorhoids sufferers.