What Are The Potential Hazards Of Graphene?

It has been described as a "miracle material" and its inventors received the Nobel Prize, but there are already some studies that warn about the potential danger of handling graphene both for human health...

Is Graphene A Hazard?

Graphene has arrived at just the right time to meet the needs of nanotechnology. With extraordinary properties that have surprised researchers over the last two decades, it is very close to being the component...

Does Graphene Have A Dark Side?

The famous nanomaterial graphene is made up of sheets of carbon only one atom thick. In addition to being the strongest material ever tested, it abounds with superlative electronic properties. After a decade of...

Could Graphene Be Dangerous?

Graphene is composed of a layer of carbon the thickness of an atom. It is flexible, ultra-thin, self-healing, extremely resistant and capable of conducting electrical currents, among many other qualities that have made it...
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