What About My Weight?

Today I was looking in the mirror and looking back at me was a disgruntled me. I was looking at my picture and what I did not like. All I saw was what I...

Will People Ignore Me?

Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine had dyed her hair blond, at first I did not recognize her, I said hello, in departure and smiled, as the person I was looking at looked...

Do Smart Women Have Boundaries?

Our family is vacationing in Park City, Utah this month. I like sitting on the deck that overlooks a large pond that's frequented by ducks and geese. It's a calm, quiet place to sit...

Why I Don’t Fit In?

I've never really fitted in. I quite enjoy my own business, am delighted to take in stray animals, regard it as important to pay my way, look after myself, and sometimes enjoy being somewhat...

How To Do After An Empty Nest?

It happened so quickly I did not grasp the empty nest thing straight away and as soon as the change eventually dawned on me I felt like having taken the free fall from a...

Is Every Day Mother’s Day?

A female is really a daughter, and wife but most importantly, the role is played by her to be a Mother. A day could not be adequate to let her understand how special she...

How To Achieve Personal Fulfillment As A Mother?

Many mothers feel overwhelmed most days, especially those with many children spread out over a broad age range. Cleaning house, budgeting, paying the bills, handling the finances, making the grocery list, grocery shopping, shopping...

Is this A Lifelong Course-Motherhood?

It's unusual for me to not be in school on a weekday in this way. Classes have just begun, and for the last 3 decades, it's been my entire life to be in college...
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