Can Tasers Protect Women From Harm?

A taser held in a man's hand isolated on a white background

While no-one is immune to crime, women tend targets for criminals of most stripes particularly. Though there is no need to reside in constant fear, it is very important continue your guard also to be familiar with your surroundings all the time.

Take into account

You can find really people on the market who are looking forward to their possiblity to attack women walking independently. there exists a very real threat of becoming the victim of a bad crime and women do have to take measures to safeguard themselves.

Although it won’t put your attacker out for lengthy, it can buy you the precious time you should get help or escape from your own attacker. The taser has been discharged once, the target can regain their composure and begin moving again inside a short while.

They don’t really cause lasting harm, however the pain and paralysis that they cause are usually plenty of to provide you with the advantage you should reach safety. Any woman who’s thinking about protecting herself should consider a taser as an individual safety measure.