Can Chiropractic Treat Spine-Related Headaches?

A girl receiving CST

Have you ever experienced headache pain? Chronic headaches affect 1 in 6 Americans. I used to suffer from headaches as a chiropractor in Plano, Texas. I was able to diagnose and treat headaches caused by spinal problems through chiropractic. Today, headaches are no longer a problem. Patients are often surprised to discover that I can treat certain types headache pains with chiropractic care.


Many people I have met with have misconceptions about what a chiropractor does. My patients are similar to the majority of Americans who have suffered from headache pain for many months or even years because their doctors and specialists only gave them more drugs. Medication is like a bandaid. It dullens the pain but does not treat the root cause. This is why the headaches return.

My chiropractic care is very effective in treating tension headaches. Studies have shown that patients who received chiropractic treatment for tension headaches experienced a sustained decrease in headache frequency and severity. This was in contrast to patients who were prescribed medication for relief.


These studies show that chiropractic care does not treat or treat the problem, but instead targets the root cause. Simply put, your body causes a correction through your spine and nerves which resolves the primary cause for the headache. This in turn leads to lasting results beyond the initial care. My patients refer to me as a “back doctor”, as I said earlier.

This is a label society has given all chiropractors. It’s both good and bad. There has been constant support documentation over the years that chiropractic is effective in treating headaches caused by cluster headaches, migraines, and spinal issues.

Good To Know

According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 15% of people who visit chiropractors for headaches are currently seeing them. Despite the increase in people seeking chiropractic care for headaches, most Americans still use their family doctor as their primary source of treatment. This is despite the fact that many people are more likely to seek out chiropractic care. Below are common misconceptions about headache relief.


Check out these misconceptions to see if you can identify with them.

  • On the Shelf Medication will end your Headaches
  • It is not harmful to take medication for your headache.
  • Stress is the main cause of headaches.
  • Headaches will always go away on their own.
  • Your family doctor knows how to treat headaches.
  • Your problem is always where your pain is.


Because most headaches are either neurologic or soft tissue-based, I am a skilled Chiropractor and have great success treating them. A significant number of headaches are also caused by the tissues in the neck. Because chiropractic care focuses on the soft tissues of a spine, which includes the neck and spinal adjustments, most headaches can be managed with a series of specific massage therapy and appropriate spinal adjustments. Chiropractic procedures are non-invasive, safe, and non-invasive. They focus on the root cause of headaches and not just the temporary relief.