Are There Safe Home Treatments For Yeast Infections?

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Yeast infections are a common problem. This is especially true for women who can easily get reoccurring vaginal infection and babies who can develop diaper-rashes or oral thrush. Candida albicans is responsible for all of these infections. These fungi are normally found on the skin and can multiply quickly if the conditions are right. While over-the-counter antifungal medications may provide some relief, many infections recur.

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Many people prefer to use a home remedy to both treat the infection and prevent its recurrence. Home yeast infection treatment is a great way to prevent future outbreaks. It is important to understand the basics of home yeast infection treatment. These infections can occur when the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in your body are not balanced.

Lactobacillus, a good bacteria, naturally lives in the body and helps to keep it healthy. It works by killing bad bacteria to keep them balanced. Bad bacteria can take over if there is a decrease of good bacteria. This can lead to an infection. This problem can be treated by restoring the good bacteria to the body. It will then be able to go back to work and destroy the yeast infection-causing bad bacteria.


Probiotics that are lactobacillus rich can help to re-establish good bacteria. Probiotics are becoming increasingly popular among women. Although no clinical trials have shown that probiotics can cure yeast infections, one study found that yogurt and antibiotics can be combined to prevent the loss of good bacteria.

Antibiotics are known to cause yeast infections. They destroy both good bacteria and bad bacteria. While some women may inject yogurt directly into their vagina to treat yeast infections, most doctors recommend that this method of administering probiotics be avoided. Natural, unsweetened yogurt with probiotics can help restore balance in your body. This can be purchased at a health food store or you can make it yourself.

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Dark, moist areas are where yeast thrives by their very nature. You can reduce your risk of yeast infection by avoiding perfumes, harsh soaps, and feminine hygiene products that could alter the PH level of your vagina. This could open the door for infection. It is important to dry your body completely after you have finished showering, bathing, swimming, or going to the spa.

Another myth is that douching keeps you clean. This is false. Douching can alter the PH of your genital area and cause vaginal thrush. Home yeast infection treatment methods should include natural fungicides like garlic and tree tea oil. These have been proven to be effective.

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Garlic is a natural fungicide which kills yeast. It can be inserted into the vaginal canal or consumed by some women. The oil in tree tea contains terpinen-4ol, which is believed be the cure for the infection. The oil should be diluted before being applied to the skin.

Home treatment for this infection boils down to your belief system about the best treatment. If you don’t believe in natural remedies, you should limit your home treatment to prescription medicines or over-the-counter medications. Holistic treatment is a good option if you believe in natural remedies. Although natural treatments can take longer to work, the chances of yeast infection returning are much lower.