Does Yoga Boost Your Immunity?

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We’re living an era that’s obsessed with “quick fixes” rather than making us accountable for our own . For example: If we’re depressed, have a pill rather than resolving the issue that’s making us sad is the more accepted thing to do. There are various things that weaken the which shots and other vaccines can’t resolve.

Good news

We can take charge of our own lives by strengthening our immune system. A powerful immune system not only contributes to less episodes of illness, but also can help prevent more intense symptoms of illness.

  • Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakopatasana) and Eagle Pose (Garudasana) are equally effective in charging up the Lymph System. In Pigeon Pose, the pressure of the heel of the foot on the groin stimulates the to “release their juices”, thus cleaning out them and making them work better.
  • Eagle Pose stimulates the lymph in the armpits and the groin as the arms and legs are crossed at the elbows and knees. Ujjayi Breathing promotes cleansing of the upper respiratory tract, increases lung capacity, reduces and calms the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). Both of these sequences create “warmth” on your body by, increasing blood flow, oxygen flow, and muscular . They’re energizing strings which produce similar cardiovascular results as running together with the harms.
  • If you’re new to , consider practicing Sun Salute A daily for one month. Once that’s mastered, add Sun Salute B to get the full immunological advantages of these sequences.
  • Cows Face Pose (Gomukasana) Stimulates the lymph nodes in the groin and armpits, increases lung capacity and freedom, massages internal organs and calms the nervous system (when bent forward).
  • Bonus: Your body looks like a cow’s face when in the full pose! Bow Pose is a backbend with additional benefits! Your upper and lower back muscles and chest is started by grabbing your ankles and “pushing away” out of your hands with your toes and legs. Your internal organs are massaged by rocking back and forth at the complete posture. Corpse Pose (Shavasana) is the main pose in yoga.


yourself by quieting your . Freeing yourself from tension and for even a couple of minutes every day will boost your of and provide you ability to fight off illnesses.


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