Does Practice Make Perfect?

Young girl in a taekwondo training teaches new tricks of defense

A couple of years back I had been enrolled in a FREE Tae-Kwon-Do course at a local gym. I mastered the still up to Green belt, and then life happened. You can probably identify with this. Life get active, priorities become shifted, and I could no longer attend the course.

Self defense

There are something’s about the artwork that I recall, but a lot of things I forgot. It’s like my calculus courses from school, there are a few things I remember, but most of it I’ve forgotten. Why? I didn’t always practice those skills. A couple of months ago I decided that I had to be more active in my middle age, and enrolled at a Tai Chi class and a Karate class.

I will honestly tell you that this stuff was much simpler 15 decades back. Anyway, these classes have plenty of repetition. You can do the very same motions for hours, and courses on end. Why? One simple word – Practice.


By always drilling the moves into to the pupils, these techniques will become second nature. Imagine exactly how useful it is to want to become adept at karate, and purchasing, reading and studying karate books. How ready would you be if the time comes to use karate? Imagine an assailant coming in you, and you nervously fumble in your pocket to your “Karate for Everyone Pocket Guide”.

Do you feel you honestly think you are going to have the time to flip to page 7 that you’ve got to know addresses this instance? Do you recall those scenes in The Andy Griffith Show, where Barney Fife was attempting to show of the Judo skills he read in his Judo book, and right in the midst of wanting to show off what he thought he understood, he told Andy to stop, and went to consult his book. How well do this work in a real combat situation? But Barney didn’t have one part right.

Our military spend plenty of time training and getting condition for battle. There are entire facilities constructed for nothing but combat training, and mock wars. When the time comes. . The exact same is true for you. Having a personal protection product and not understanding how to use it when you want it may is a dangerous mix.

Good to know

By not understanding how to use your pepper spray, stun gun or whatever your self-defense product of choice is, can injure you as readily as it can damage your assailant. Once you have chosen a personal protection request directions and learn how to effectively use it. Then PRACTICE using it over and over and over until it becomes second nature. If you watch old westerns, then you might have seen where cowboys would practice there fast draw, or their shooting abilities so that they could shot right when the time arrived. What would you do.

The actress Robin Curtis once said that when she was small, she would practice hiding at the dyer just if someone broke into her house, and was going to rob the place. Although this might seem a little odd, at least she had a plan and knew how to do it. You can learn from this by training together with your defense product or self defense methods for various scenarios. What would you do if your approached by strangers in your vehicle? What if someone is following you in a parking lot? What if your date attempts to rape you. What would you do if your smoke alram when off at 3:00AM and there was a fire?

Did I Say “Practice”?

Remember an assailant may attempt to find the stun gun or pepper spray or anything from you, if possible. This is why it’s essential to practice so you can react quickly, reflexively-in a moment to successfully protect yourself. The time you need to recognize an attack and deliver the protection item to action might be less than three seconds! When you’re out walking, particularly in the dark, in an isolated place carry your stun gun or pepper spray in your hand ready for use. It’s not a bad idea to have one on your car, your house, workplace, and of course with you to cover any contingency.


I’ve always suggested that those who purchase pepper spray should buy two. One to practice with, and you to use. Based on US Crime Statistics, girls are more likely to be crime victims, particularly those who work late at night and people who live alone. They specifically need non-lethal personal protecton items like an effective stun gun or pepper spray. Check with the local police department. Literally tens of thousands of police departments use and carry stun device or pepper spray.


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