Does Maca Treat Hot Flashes?

maca root powder - a measuring tablespoon and pile on wooden surface

Hot flashes are without doubt probably the most uncomfortable and irritating consequences of passing through menopause. While medical science will not understand the precise factors behind hot flashes yet, significant links between imbalanced hormone levels, estrogen especially, can donate to the problem.

Did you know?

This link can be observed in natural health practices which report that efforts to balance hormones in menopausal women tend to be met with a decrease in symptoms such as for example hot flashes. Probably the most promising natural treatments – in addition to probably the most prescribed – may be the usage of raw maca powder to ease the discomfort of hot flashes.


Maca can be an herb that grows only in the high Andes mountains, at elevations of above 14,000 feet. It’s been used traditionally by people indigenous to the region to improve their energy and vitality while surviving in this oxygen starved environment. It had been used consistently by Spanish troops because they conquered Latin America also. In the last 25 years Maca has been rediscovered by modern natural medicine.

Maca is really a unique herb truly. It belongs to a little band of plants that may be called “adaptogenic.” An adaptogenic herb can “adapt” to the conditions of confirmed body and support your body to balance its system alone. Although Maca is really a powerful assist in fertility treatments in addition to in natural muscle mass building, its most promising use is really as an all natural hormone balancer.

Take note

The herb stimulates the physical body to create whatever kind of hormone is essential for it to attain ideal balance. For example in case a man is experiencing a minimal sex drive because of low degrees of testosterone, Maca can stimulate the physical body to create the degrees of the hormone up and thereby reestablish his libido. Similarly, in case a woman who’s entering menopause is experiencing hot flashes because of low degrees of estrogen, Maca encourages the physical body to create higher degrees of the hormone, which creates a far more balanced system and will result in a reduced amount of all the outward indications of menopause.

Among the great benefits of taking maca for hot flashes is that we now have zero know unwanted effects. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, that can come with a big set of warnings, Maca is really a simple whole food that your body can process easily. The ultimate way to take Maca for hormonal balance is by using a powder mixed either in water or juice. The fine grains of the powder develop a large surface with that may easier be absorbed by the intestines. This absorption permits the nutrients in the herb to create it in to the blood stream also to the urinary tract.


Top quality maca includes a pleasant taste type of like malt flavor. Whenever choosing Maca for therapeutic use, it is necessary that you get a maca powder that’s organic, fresh and raw. This will provide you with the greatest potential for success. Each day initially the dosage ought to be about 1 teaspoon, working around 1-2 tablespoons and soon you begin to have the symptoms disappear. One final note is that Maca is not only for hormone relief. Lots of people who begin taking it because of this find yourself continuing to utilize it due to just how much energy it offers them.