Does Homeopathy Help With Menopause?

Medicine Schuessler salts and spoon close up

Natural menopause treatment works by helping your body help itself. Whenever you have any health issue that’s continuing, you know that your immune system is at an all time low. So that your priority should be in raising that.

What to do?

Many things can enable you to increase your immune system – a great diet, plenty of sleep, relaxing frequently, being out in nature, exercise. You know this, you do not want me to tell you. So for your long term health, begin placing some of those actions into play. Be realistic. Do one at a time. Set a goal in a time period, and make little adjustments daily. That makes it effortless.

As an example, if your lunch is made up of meat dish, have a salad instead. If you create it yourself, you can make sure it’s full of all of the food you truly enjoy. And make loads of it, so that you can dip into it as and when you feel hungry. Don’t stick to what’s deemed normal. If you love a specific combination, use this. Important though they are, putting these problems into play does take some time, and you’re most likely looking for something to behave somewhat faster than that. Among the best (and quickest ) natural menopause remedies is homeopathic.


Homeopathy works by increasing your immune system immediately. All you’ve got to do is to work out which of the many homeopathic medicines is ideal for your condition. This may be too tough for you, so seek the assistance of a professional homeopath. But you can help yourself, if you would like to do a little work. The homeopathic medication Lachesis is excellent for resolving any hormonal imbalance as long as your powerful symptoms concur with those of the medication.

Those who benefit most from Lachesis frequently have a history of hormonal issues, beginning with ailments in the contraceptive pill, through the menopause. Typical symptoms of the menopause may be flushes of heat, headaches or depression. Often there’s a greater feeling of irritability. And you are inclined to be rather jealous, particularly towards your spouse.


Not a little, but a lot. It’s gone beyond your control. Lachesis individuals normally have a high libido. And the menopause symptoms are worse in the heat. The indicators are normally worse when you awaken in the morning. Less often, they’re worse at night. Lachesis people will have noticed any issues they had with their span cleared up when the blood began. The release of this blood, releases them too. So the menopause may be a challenging time, since this monthly release is no more there. And this is one reason why they do so poorly on the contraceptive pill. It suppresses their natural tendency.