Does Electronic Acupuncture Treat Menopausal Hot Flashes?

An incredible number of women are affected and continues to be a not entirely understood biological condition yet. You can find replacement options which will help alleviate symptoms however they have risks of coronary , and much more.

Natural ways

For a far more natural method of treating along with other symptoms, turn to electronic . and pain, , bladder control problems and raised even. Since there is no cure for menopause, it is very important have cure plan set up, like , With the electronic version however, a handheld wand delivering electromagnetic pulses into specific acupoints in the tactile hand and palm can be used instead.

As the left side of the physical body is more sensitive, the left hand and palm is treated. A hand map typically includes these acupuncture devices which means you know which areas match the precise body functions you wish to aim for to ease your . For example, to take care of , To take care of hot flashes, It really is affordable and non-invasive & most importantly, you can find no needles to cope with! It is possible to treat yourself in accordance with your personal schedule.

Remember that because each differs, your treatment solution may not the same as others greatly. In addition, it could take several sessions together with your electronic acupuncture device before you see discernible results.


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