Does BHRT Reduce Menopause Symptoms?

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As you will remember, I wrote about my wife beginning Bioidentical . Our choice for her to try it, came about because my wife and I are both coping with her . This procedure for her has been a continuing research for ten years. It seemed that each and every time we heard something useful there could be some progress, but we couldn’t get her acting and feeling like herself.


It has always been at the back of her that she had the symptoms of . Butcuriously the symptoms of perimenopause and low function are almost identical. She’s been considering Therapy () for two decades, but putting it off because of the fact that she was unsure whether she’d heard enough about it.

She’s found the medical team that she desired. They focus in BHRT. She began treatment two weeks ago. How we got here, was via the that the blood tests that our primary doctor was looking at for her were revealing a thyroid gland. But it was in the very low normal selection. Therefore the physician did not at other hormone levels. We understand the physician’s activities, but we disagreed.

Hormonal changes

We wanted to understand what her HORMONE amounts were. Well this new medical team added the complete assortment of hormone levels to their comprehensive blood tests. My wife was totally out of wack on 9 out of 10. She signed up for their program and started it immediately. Her first treatment comprised a B-12 shot, which she’ll continue weekly for a while. There was an immediate energy boost that was mirrored by a decrease in . At precisely the exact same time she had some very smaller capsules (the size of a grain of rice) at a time release configuration implanted just under the skin of her buttocks.

The tests had revealed she had been way from the scale : Estradiol; FSH; ; TSH; ; . No other doctor had analyzed for these. Yet, these are some of the supplements she’s being given now. I will discover more about each and write another article on the progress next week. The daily changes were subtle but noticeable and all favorable. But, each day I couldn’t make certain it wasn’t only my perception of change because that was what I was searching for.

Final note

But the “overall changes” throughout the full two weeks are dramatic and noticeable. She’s waking up earlier. Making more jokes. Laughing harder and working harder. It’s my initial conclusion that the balancing of hormones is real and it’s working. In the following week she will get an evaluation. I expect it to be positive.


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