Do You Think You Won’t Ever Be Attacked?

Self defense Stun gun in man's hand

Think You Won’t Ever Be Attacked? There’s a lot to consider when we discuss self-defense. The first issue is whether or not we want to be the reason for the death of someone, and are unable to “pull the trigger”. We can boost about how hard we are, but when confronted, do we really need to kill someone.


An experienced “bad man” will count on your delay to benefit from you and possibly take the knife or gun out of your hand. Let’s assume you don’t wish to kill somebody, and knowing that you may hesitate if you pull out a gun when being assaulted. There has to be a powerful non-lethal weapon which will stop an attacker instantly and cause no long-term or irreversible injury.

Also this weapon has to be small enough to hide and carry with you at all times. Operation has to be as straightforward as one maybe two measures to use it. Guns are extremely expensive, so we are in need of something everybody can afford, and has very low maintenance. One never fits all, so we need this to be offered in many different sizes and styles. W3 have only described the stun gun.

Stun guns

Today you can purchase a stun gun that looks like a stun gun, cell phone, lipstick, flashlight or night stick. They can very big and very strong, or very little, but still quite effective. It up to the individual to pick the stun gun that suits their lifestyle. If the stun gun is for use in the home or bedroom, shape and size might not matter, but a flashlight could be handy. When heading out to dinner maybe a stun gun that looks like lipstick or a mobile phone would be more discreet.

Hesitation factor

Psychology we must know we aren’t likely to permanently hurt our attacker, thus we’ll utilize our stun gun without any hesitation. The normal human emotion prevents you from killing some one that attempts to do damage to you. It takes an enormous amount of training to train a soldier or police officer to use deadly force if necessary in a timely way. If our mind knows we aren’t likely to permanently harm somebody, then it has no problem directing our body to respond in a timely manner. The battery in a stun gun is generally only 9 volts. To convert 9 volts to 1,000,000 volts or more the gun transactions off any mortal amperage for voltage.

In an electrical circuit it’s the amperage that kills the voltage. This high voltage low amperage shock will temporarily disable the electric impulses in the attacker’s body resulting in temporary loss of motor skills and paralyze the attacker for a couple of seconds or minutes. When the initial shock wears off it takes a couple of minutes for the attacker to receive their coordination back.

Even if you’re touching your attacker, you won’t get shocked if they get shocked. Among the best benefits of a stun gun is surprise. The attacker won’t ever know it is in your pocket, handbag, bag or briefcase. When you pull it out and the attacker sees it, they may have second thoughts about attacking you. Pull the trigger and it is not making contact with someone or something and the gun produces a bright and visible arc between the electrodes and creates a loud snapping sound.

This alone may scare the intruder off or works nicely also to fend off an unfriendly dog. The gap between 100,000 volt and 1,000,000 volt stun devices is the quantity of time to disable your attacker. One million volts will most likely stop a 165 pound guy with a single pull of the trigger for 1 minute. There are people because of body mass or being high on drugs which won’t be affected as readily, and that might be why you’d want a higher voltage apparatus. You should take of keep the device where you are able to get it fast, and you need to be knowledgeable about the security device that prevents it from discharging accidentally.

When you use the apparatus touch the first area of the individual’s body or clothes you can achieve, and do not aim for a specific spot. Squeeze or push the trigger for 3 to 5 minutes and when the attacked does not fall down, do it again. Whenever the attacker is disabled, run, do not hang around.

Defensive weapon

This is a defensive weapon designed to give you time to escape or seek help. A stun gun won’t lead to a heart attack as it’s intended to work on the skeletal muscles not the inner organs. This unit is a defensive weapon, which means do not use it to frighten intimidate or restrain someone. Use it with quickness and surprise to shield yourself. Stun Guns aren’t lethal, but they’re not legal everywhere. Check your local laws to be sure you can purchase, own and use the weapon lawfully locally. Today these devices aren’t bulky and hard to use. The reduced voltage devices need loner use to work. A 3 to 5 minute jolt from a 1,000,000 volt stun gun will stop almost any attacker of any dimension.