Do You Know What Men Are Made Of?

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What Men Are Made Of? Who are the guys in our lives? We now have our fathers, brothers, husbands, nephews, men in the office –are always there, members of our families, communities we live in, citizens of those countries we belong. We knew our guys well. We stick together through good times and through bad times.

Let’s see…

But what about these news about battered wives, abandoned children or growing children without father in one parent family, abusive men in the office and people who consider themselves the”Adonis” of the society, are simply too much to consider. These guys, so abusive as they are, might not be aware or have been deaf about women’s vulnerability. Yes, girls are like earthen vessel, so vulnerable and precious occasionally. But this doesn’t imply that girls like me are constantly broken in spirit and that guys are always the winners. I don’t think so. In this gender-biased society, men are portrayed to be constantly on the right side of the lane.

Privileges and social structures remain inside the grips of the men in the society, subtly, hidden but true. Gender bias issue is as old as the society we live in. Let’s be sensible that despite the moves from folks that are fighting for gender equality, I have to admit the inherent disagreements that stayed evident down to nowadays. Society might have twisted the perspectives on a one-man-woman relationship.

Let’s understand it

What’s worse is that girls are constantly portrayed to be always the icing on the cake, the icons for amusement. And when men cheat, it is but okay for others cure is a “the standards” of this society. But when a woman cheats or misbehaves, she will find the unending punishment and ridicule. Truth is that males aren’t always as annoying people as we are told, no. They too shout, sympathize and have big hearts, those actual men who understand their girls in a variety of occasions. Additionally, this is one good reason women like to rely on their guys the majority of the time.

It’s a give and take relationship, a two-way procedure. And while it is true that some guys may hurt you on several occasions, your man may have left you grasping for optimism after he shuts that door behind when he left you, consider your role also. Your man might have been the proud Goliath who can not bend his neck to humility or believes he is the so called tycoon in the family. But have you asked yourself who permits him to do exactly that to you? Remember, being in a relationship is giving another person the right to your self and that includes not only pure enjoyment, but pain in exactly the exact same time. So yes, you might have had many reasons to cry because you are hurt.

It Hurts

I had been hurt, you’re hurt. Everybody’s got the opportunity to taste bitterness in the connection but again, there is no perfect relationship. And before you shame yourself completely, realize that you also have a role in relationship so avoid seeing the rafter in your man’s eye and assess first yours and become a smart woman of the society. If you’re not prepared to take your man’s flaws and see some probable pitfalls while in that connection, be sensible and get out. The expression “love is blind” is a myth and those men and women who thinks in such adage are sporting blurry contacts because they chose to not observe the real situation. Before you succumb yourself to depression as soon as your man hurt you, realize that you’re the woman of the society and that men are here as match for all of us in precisely the identical way that we finish their existence.


So wait and stop sympathizing or feeling low on your own. Why, you are an individual deserving of his respect and love. You also are made according to God’s image and likeness. And so long as you’re conducting according to your earning, nobody can steal your right for a woman of the society, privileged to live according to your making. So get off that cocoon of pretension and begin asking what are guys made of with no? The solution is nothing. We’re even with them. Mina Togonon is Journalism graduate, a corporate employee and a freelancer. For any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with her through email.


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