Do you know the art of Possibility Thinking?

Beautiful thoughtful woman looking upSmiling woman looking up at vintage golden key to success among many others hanging. Concept of business aspirations, achievement

One morning not long ago, I was driving for one of my Women’s Success Circles. It was a gorgeous afternoon sun shining-glorious. What a wonderful day this was going to be! My mind turned to chances for the day.

Surroundings and own mindset

As I made my way down to the shore, the weather started to change. It became rather foggy. I could barely see the car in front of me. I needed to turn my headlights on. I noticed that my thinking had changed a little. Some of the possibility thinking had diminished.

The “possibilities for the day” started to fade. Why? What had changed? Two things: The climate and my mindset. It occurred to me that the results of my entire life, and on a bigger scale my entire life, is directly related to my surroundings and my own mindset.

When I was a young woman, my grandfather would say,”No matter where you go, there you are.” I was reminded of this as I started to navigate the foggy streets to reach my Women’s Success Circle. In essence, you’re in control of how your day, and how your life will unfold. This may be good news for some and bad news for others.

Positive woman

If you’re a positive woman who always sees the glass is half full, you’re smiling and nodding at this time. If you’re a woman who finds herself occasionally seeing the glass as half-empty and not able to obtain the “chances for the day,” you might not agree just yet.

It can be unsettling to think that we are in control of how our life or day unfolds. Your attitude can determine the result in many life situations. Are some situations out of our control? You bet! For example, some health problems can be outside of our control. However, I can tell you from personal experience that one’s attitude toward wellness is crucial.

Own experience

My husband, Greg, had both of his kidneys removed 10 years back and it came with many complications. There were weeks and weeks of pain, challenges, and lots of moments of uncertainty. All the while, he maintained his positive attitude about the outcome. And I was determined to remain at “possibility thinking”; to maintain strategizing on what might be done to improve the situation. The key was to remain positive and in “possibility thinking”.

Greg would say that ideas decided results, and would work hard to imagine a positive outcome. Sure enough, almost 1 year later, he had a successful transplant.

How about you?

Are you excited about the possibilities for your day? Do you imagine a positive outcome? As I entered a parking lot, I started to smile. The fog had lifted slightly and the sun was trying to peek through. The “possibilities for the day” returned. I was greeted warmly by the group of women working and the Circle was a complete victory, full of reflections and plans for the future. We spent the morning focused on where we are right now, and looked at what “chances” are available to us as we move forward creating a life full of passion, purpose, and significance. Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.