Do You Have Good Girl Friends?

Cheerful diverse young girls sitting together in sports studio before starts training giving high five feel happy and healthy, close up focus on hands. Respect and trust, celebration and amity concept

This past weekend my amazing girlfriends took me out to get a Fab Housewife Brunch Birthday celebration. We dined at the most appropriate place for such a motif, Villa Blanca, possessed by the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We sipped sangria and mimosas, together with delicious food and dessert.

The details

Some of the girls even gather a Fab Housewife gift basket for me, including pink things such as pink wine and saki, beauty products and the most adorable, coziest slippers I’ve ever seen. Everything was just so beautiful, and an ideal prelude to the Thanksgiving week. The day really got me thinking about how grateful I am for all the girls in my life, family and friends, old and new, here in L.A., and in different cities throughout the nation. Among the main things in a woman’s life are her girlfriends. No question.

But it’s kind of a catch-22 because, as a lot people have found, finding a fantastic girlfriend can be just as daunting as finding a husband. The cattiness, competitiveness and jealousy that so frequently happens in female relationships can be just exhausting. But I believe the old saying”nothing in this world worth having comes easy,” remains true in this example. Good girlfriends definitely are not a dime a dozen; they are priceless. I’m talking about friends who have your best interest in mind. They bring out the very best in you. They have qualities that you wish you had on your own and are someone you can learn from. They’re the ones willing to assist you achieve your objectives, even if it means having to do things that they are not necessarily into.

Never give up

They’re also people who refuse to allow you to give up on these goals, even when you believe you want to. Then they do not attempt to over-explain that one; it just is. They’re the ones that you can vent to and behave completely inappropriate around, and they won’t hold it against you. A good friend is someone you may disagree with, even offend, but they’ll always forgive you because the friendship is more important than any silly misunderstanding.

A really, really good friend is someone you can’t speak to for a longlong time, but if you do, it is as if you’ve never been apart. In the long run, once the guys are gone, they will be those offering you a hand to hold, a companion to confide in, and a liver and mouth to assist you with all that wine. Most of us do not have a great deal of GOOD FRIENDS, but that is okay because we do not need a bunch.


Good girlfriends also help you celebrate your birthday in style. My friends have perfected it. While enjoying our lunch, we were amazed to see Lisa and her cute husband Ken walk in the restaurant. Despite the pouring rain, Lisa was beautiful as ever in leopard, and she was gracious enough to snap a photo with the group. What a class-act which Lisa! Love her! And even though fulfilling Lisa was definitely a highlight, it does not compare to the contentment I feel thanks to companionship of my girlfriends. I love you girls! This year, I’m thankful for YOU!