Do Synthetic And Bio-Identical Hormones Pollute Your Body?

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Because the green trend on goes, people understand that the earth can’t be polluted any longer, however, few menopause women recognize that you can’t pollute the body by bio-identical or synthetic estrogen, as you only have one body, Gone will be the full days that synthetic estrogen pills were one-size-fits-all.


Nowadays menopause women have many selections: estrogen pills, estrogen patch and much more. Women are overwhelmed at finding the right menopause treatment. Actually, because estrogen is really a reproductive hormone. What’s as yet not known is whether these decreased degrees of estrogen do actually cause menopausal symptoms.

Estrogen could be produced in surplus fat, skin, the mind, the adrenal glands and much more organs. If surplus fat can produce estrogen even, of course, American menopause women shall not be estrogen deficient. In fact, unfortunately, Around 200,000 ladies in the America are identified as having breast cancer annually.

In the event that you this number by ten multiply, this implies 2,000, Of these ten years, invest the estrogen, menopause is really a long transition, which lasts 5 – a decade about. Bio-identical or synthetic estrogen will not address the primary cause, so you need to take them for several years to mask menopause symptoms. Estrogen medicines pollute your body’s environment. Bio-identical hormones aren’t natural hormones.