Do Headaches Start In My Head?

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Did you know there are two types of headaches? These headaches are vasoconstrictive or vasodilative. Once you know which one you have you can learn how you can stop them from happening again. This type of headache is usually caused by muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, which inhibits blood flow and oxygen to your head. This muscle tension could be caused by stress, physical ailment, or lymphatic stagnation.

Tension Headache

These headaches are sometimes called “tension” headaches, but they can be severe. These symptoms include pressure and a tight, crushing feeling in the head that feels like it’s being held in a vice or compressed. Subluxation can occur when the neck feels out of place due to tension in the neck or shoulders. Subluxations can be treated by a chiropractor who is trained in this area.

Sometimes, you can massage the neck, shoulders, and head. This works just as well. Hot compresses can also be useful in addition to the basic massage techniques. Intake of herbs can help relax the muscles and increase blood circulation to the head. Magnesium can also be effective in relieving muscle tension or cramping.


Regular use of Kudzu/St. John’s Wort and Magnesium may help prevent tension headaches from recurring. Natural headache relief is better than using over-the-counter drugs that can have harmful side effects. This headache is opposite to tension headaches. When there is too much blood circulation to the head, headaches can occur. This is what migraine headaches are known for.

  • Symptoms: Your head feels full and congested due to the rush of blood flow. It can feel like your head is exploding towards you. It is usually a throbbing, pounding pain. Many people also feel sensitive to light, sound, and touch. The eyes and ears are usually red.
  • Treatment: If you are able to tolerate the touch, this type of headache can also be treated with massage. Cold compresses are also helpful. Some herbs that move blood flow away form the head and into the digestive organs can also provide relief.


Preventing them from happening is the best option. This is usually an indication that your liver has become clogged with toxic substances. Feverfew, Milk Thistle Combo and Digestive Bitters are liver cleansing herbs that can reduce the severity of migraine headaches. They can also be eliminated over time. They must be taken regularly and won’t work if you already have migraine headaches.

Triggering migraines can often be caused by food allergies. It may be helpful to keep track of your food intake to see what foods could trigger your migraines.

Sinus Headache

Chronic sinus headaches are not the usual type of headache most people experience. These headaches occur when your sinus cavities become clogged up. This causes pressure, pain, and inflammation in the sinus passages. The best way to relieve the pressure and pain is to drain the sinuses.

Massaging the neck and shoulders can increase lymphatic drainage and drain the sinuses. The use of herbal remedies such as ALJ and Fenugreek and Thyme (intake) can help to drain the sinuses. Another way to clear sinus congestion is to steam treat it. Simply boil some water, add a few drops lavender oil or eucalyptus oil and let it cool. Inhale the vapors by taking a deep breath.

To intensify the vapors, wrap a towel or other material around your head and place it on top of the bowl. This will create a tent. These healthy choices tips can help you learn more about natural ways to manage your headaches. You can find out more information on my website about any of the herbs mentioned or to purchase them.