Do Blonds Have More Fun?

Do blonds have more fun? Blond is among the best choices for women who wish to dye their own hair, not just in the US but also in other areas of the world. In salons and hair boutiques, blonde is the best option even if it’s only hair stripes or the coloring the entire hair.

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While there’s absolutely not any proof that blonds have more fun, this is the frequent misconception and belief of others. It has always been considered that blonde girls get all of the attention, perks and have greater chances. This is false because these three variables are dependent on the personality. Additionally, there are a great deal of films “Legally Blonde” that indicate that blonds have more fun and get through life simpler. If you believe about it, hair colour does not affect life situations whatsoever.

Other fallacy about being blonde is that the majority of them are dumb and are just beautiful on the outside. These are incredibly untrue because the colour of a person’s hair is certainly not connected to a person’s intelligence. The only valid explanation that could at least explain that is that those who dye their hair blonde “have more fun” is because they sense much confident.


It is a big element in your character, and this will certainly motivate you to feel great about yourself. If there are positive connotations about being blonde, in addition, there are a great deal of jokes (both offensive and non-offensive) which were said about the situation. Famous blonds are Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Shakira. In actuality, hairdressers have looked up to them and used them to get customers to color their hair blonde. Blond hair does stand out, particularly in a sea of brunettes or black hair.

Pretty blond girls may also get freebies from coffee shops and malls since people just love them. If you take the issue seriously, there’s absolutely no concrete evidence or studies which prove that blonds always get their way. If someone’s hair is colored blonde and something good happens to them, the hair colour could just be an extra benefit. But the way to take care of situation and how an individual’s prognosis is are the most vital factors most of us have to learn. The best advice that dealt with hair colour is to be yourself.


It would be useless if people like you for your imitation attitude rather than for who you are. The false point of view regarding blonds is merely a stereotype which shouldn’t exist or thought. The main point is different strokes for different folks. There are brunettes that still have outstanding personalities and enjoy life to the fullest. Blonds aren’t exempted from issues, or everybody would have coloured their hair right this moment. To answer the question: do blonds have more fun? Blond, brunette or red-head, it is always up to the individual to achieve happiness. Happiness and success comes from a fantastic mindset and hard work, rather than through the color of someone’s hair.