Do Artificial And Bio-Identical Estrogens Fuel Cancers?

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In the spring, many seeds begin to geminate. Under a large pine tree, countless maple seedlings are sprouting; however, by the summer, many seedlings can’t find the suitable state to grow, and just one or two survive under the tree. Every single day, because of genetic and environment variables, some cells from the trillions on your body may become cancerous spontaneously.

Did you know?

These pre-cancer cells require certain conditions to survive, because the immune system of the body attempts to kill them. Although it’s impossible to know how many pre-cancer cells have been killed before they disperse, it’s certain that many of them are ruined, because few patients take two cancers in a lifetime. As Rome wasn’t built in one day, cancer isn’t developed in 1 day too. How long has the cancer already been on your body when you’re diagnosed with cancer? It requires 100 days for the initial cancer cell to become two cells, those two to become four, people four to become eight, and so forth. It requires 100 billion cancer cells to form a pea size of tumor.

That means that many cancers have been in our own bodies for 10 years when they’re detected. During those ten years, cancer growth obeys no rule: some cancers grow faster, and a few slower, and it’s also possible that cancers grow in spurts, growing and resting and growing some more. So, your life is in your hands. You may either fuel cancers by taking estrogen or inhibit cancers by taking cancer-protective diet. Estrogen was listed among the strongest chemical carcinogens in a biology textbook (Levine & Miller, 1994). Since your own estrogen may cause cancers, obviously, estrogens taken externally as medication are going to have cancer-causing effect.

Take note

Cancer cells are dividing constantly without the normal controls. Regardless of artificial or bio-identical estrogen, the simple function in the body is the same: to promote cell division, especially in hormone-sensitive tissues like the breast and the uterus. No wonder a lot of women undergo breast swelling and uterine bleeding side effects from hormone treatments for menopause. Therefore, synthetic and bio-identical estrogens are chemical fertilizers .

They stimulate cell division, encourage cancerous cell to grow and wake up some cancerous cells that are cancerous. Fortunately, compounds in plants, like herbs, fruits and vegetables, can bolster our defenses and combat cancers. Fruits and vegetables have powerful cancer-protective ability. Among the most powerful cancer-protective chemicals is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea, which reveals remarkable activity against many types of cancer.

Final note

Other compounds are purple and red pigments found in many plants. They give colour to berries, red grapes, plums, cherries, red cabbage and eggplant. Since you encounter pre-cancerous dangers everyday, it’s the job of a life to prevent cancers. Absolutely avoid using synthetic and bio-identical estrogens to nurture cells that are senile. Absolutely avoid using synthetic and bio-identical estrogens to conceal menopause symptoms.


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