Did You Need Some Secret Investment Strategies?

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When I return on the fiscal aspects of my youth I recollect constantly having what I wanted, and most of what I wanted. I believed myself blessed to be a single child and completely never understood the idea of sharing. My upbringing consisted of this concept that I have to work to acquire the items I wanted.

Let’s see…

The first job I had was at age 15 and it wasn’t considered cruel or unusual punishment. My parents weren’t abusive because they believed I should be expected to cover for my auto insurance and gas. They did supply the housing and food and trips to the mall so it was the least I could do. The fiscal basics were taught from a young age. Save, Save, Save all I can recall. I still have not figured out why I never listened to this one. My premise is that the parental figures failed to compute in the cost of living expenses that I would incur.

Hence, I’m failing in the future economies section. Listen to each of the financial advisor’s, parents included, and one big element is the least focused on.The fact that you need to invest in yourself first and foremost and the remainder will come. You might have all the help from family and friends you could possibly desire, but if you don’t believe in yourself your true goals may never be attained.


The largest supporter of your dreams, financial or otherwise, stares back at you every time you look in the mirror. Get to know this individual and take the time to listen when that little voice starts to talk to you. My internal being never bothers to talk up till I am so tired I only want to pass out. But for me that’s the best time to receive my attention. Right before I’m to the point of needing to give up, or wonder why on earth do I keep wanting to try, or believe maybe the single woman has it better than me, that other part of me starts to remind me of the motives.

She’s my best motivational speaker and best yet I did not need to hear some late night infomercial. If you’re like me with a partner, kids, career, and worries dropping by to see on a regular basis you want to think about my advice. You’re more important than any amount of money that could be put to a mutual fund. However, no premature withdrawals and your beneficiaries will certainly be those around you.