Did You Know This About Cancer?

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Although doctors will typically rush you into therapy, giving yourself a opportunity to think more clearly about your treatment options, do some research and begin making changes in your life prior to beginning any therapy can be of great benefit. You could always ask your doctor for a while to consider your treatment choices and in most cases that is possible.

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Typically your doctors will speak with you about average survival for your particular type and stage of cancer and guide you to the traditional treatment program that’s usually standardized to your specific diagnosis but not unique for you. It will most likely include a combination of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. They will normally discuss with you the details of all the treatment protocols and be sure that you know of any anticipated side effects so you can be ready for the worst.

Although your doctor is highly educated and caring, they might not tell you important things you will need to know about cancer to be able to maximize the effects of mainstream medical treatments, enhance wellbeing and protect against recurrence. This is just because he or she’s mainly trained in traditional medicine and likely does not have the time or experience to provide you any guidance in the area of natural healing.

Ask yourself

You will need to learn about things such as: What is cancer? What are the potential underlying risk factors? What’s the function of natural nutrition in combating cancer? How do natural supplements help? What’s the Role of chronic stress in Cancer? Are there any toxicity and environmental links to cancer? And what’s the value of psycho-spiritual equilibrium for cancer recovery? Medical treatments can allow you to control cancer but they are just 1 piece of this puzzle.

Conventional medical treatments mostly control cancer by destroying cancer cells and have the unfortunate drawback of killing many healthy cells in the process that cause undesirable short and long-term unwanted effects. Once you’re done with one of these treatments, you’re left with no advice at how to take care of side effects or prevent recurrence.

Did you know?

Moreover none of these medical treatments will work on strengthening the immune system or nourishing the body to allow it to heal and recuperate. While you can definitely benefit from conventional treatments, you want to know that if it comes to fighting cancer, you want every tool available. Using an integrated approach that uses natural cancer-fighting tools side by side with traditional treatment can definitely optimize your treatment results and prevent cancer recurrence.

From my experience in the health care cancer field and in training many cancer patients, I’ve discovered that an integrative approach makes a massive difference from the treatment outcome and quality of life for cancer sufferers. A holistic strategy to fight cancer focuses on changing the environment of the human body that encouraged the cancer to grow in the first location. It’s a personalized functional approach is effective on identifying and correcting any body system imbalances that encourage cancer.

Final note

A holistic approach to fight cancer which utilizes natural cancer-fighting tools like nutrition and lifestyle modifications can improve your odds of beating cancer. As a certified cancer coach and holistic therapist, I will tell you that science shows that 30 percent of cancer deaths can be avoided by simply making positive changes in diet, physical activity and minimizing toxic carcinogens. The simple truth is that beating cancer requires major lifestyle changes. If you wish to eradicate cancer and protect against recurrence, you’ll have to look deeper to the nutritional, physical, psycho-spiritual and ecological aspects of your life.