Defensive Sprays? A Woman’s Fight

Large spray can with isolate on a white background. Black spray bottle with colored button. Pepper spray for self defense.

Often times during my law enforcement career, I’d be asked for my view about the best way for a person to defend themselves against an attack. My answer was always to direct them to one of the numerous defensive sprays available in the marketplace. Pepper Spray was nearly always on the top of the list.

Let’s start

I’d love to tell you about a time when one of my closest friends was really glad she listened to this advice and had pepper spray with her. My friend Kathy had just gone through a really challenging divorce and her now ex husband was a small bully. He left several veiled threats throughout their union and several more extreme ones since they had split. After leaving a movie one night and saying goodbye to her best girlfriends Kathy walked to where her car was parked.

As she approached the car she got an eerie feeling that sort of spooked her a little. Because of that she entered her car in a hurry and put it in reverse. Here is where she realized her worst nightmare was about to become a reality. She was actually experiencing a Lifetime Movie but this time she was the star. Her ex husband had used the keys he had for her car and hid himself in the rear seat. He reached over the seat and started to choke her . He was much bigger and more powerful than she was and she felt herself becoming light headed out of his tight grasp.

Kathy was in a state of pure panic until she realized there inside her easy reach was her keychain pepper spray! She had been able to easily launch the canister out of her keys, activate the safety switch and burst her attacker directly in the face. Believe me that the Pepper Shot defensive spray she used had a Scoville Heat Unit Rating of 2 Million.

Keep in mind

That’s more than two times as hot as the hottest chile pepper in the world. Her assailant immediately released his near death grip of her throat and started to choke and cough uncontrollably. His eyes were slammed shut and he fell to the floor of the vehicle unable to see, talk or breathe freely.

Obviously these results were only temporary, lasting about thirty minutes or so. The defensive sprays that my friend did not need to buy really saved her life by giving her the time and the capacity to escape out of her car and get to safety. Why gamble with your safety? If you live alone, run, exercise outside, traveling, attend meetings in odd unknown locations then you want to protect yourself with a few of the numerous defensive sprays available now.


They can be found in many shapes and styles including discreet types disguised as ordinary items like lipstick cases. I’m positive you will find one that suits your lifestyle well. Don’t wait till you want it and realize you do not have it.