Wie ist die Frauenmode in Vietnam?

Junge asiatische Frau zu Fuß auf der Straße in der Nacht

The easy response to the question,’What do girls wear in Vietnam? Everything except the burka.’ Today, on the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, an individual might observe every kind and of western apparel. Only in a few of the largest department stores or at the offices of the national airline will one see the traditional women’s apparel, the ao dai (pronounced Ow Zai), a full sized figure-hugging sheath of brightly colored silk with a high side slit, that’s the epitome of sensuality: showing all by hiding all.


But if the ao dais are now hidden, they still represent a that unites a surface shyness with an underlying desire for self-expression. Women’s wear is largely dictated by the practical needs of daily life. For many women this means riding her bike to take herself to function or her kids to school. and T shirt are undoubtedly the preferred attire for this function because most motorcycles require an astride sitting posture.

Those lucky enough to have the engine scooter kind of machine, using a protected platform for the feet in front of the saddle, can greater choice in what they wear, and a few are seen in skirts and dresses. However, the young women going out with their boyfriends in the evenings, adorned in a party of any length, will be observed riding side-saddle on the rear of the bike with their arms clamped firmly around the waist of the motorist.

Riding a bike entails wearing a crash helmet, and even though the law isn’t universally observed, the majority of women struggle to discover a way to comply while maintaining the quality of the . High levels of air pollution in Hanoi convince many girls to wear face-masks, and on rainy days the entire person has been wrapped in an translucent plastic garment which completes the entire concealment.

Zum Beispiel

Wenn in the rain most women carry an umbrella, and when the sun is shining the same execute serves as a sunshade. To carry out this double purpose the umbrellas are produced in feminine fashions, small, light and tasteful and usually brightly-coloured. Vietnamese women the impact of sunlight in darkening their skin and so the sunlight brings out nearly as many umbrellas as the rain.

Auch die Angst vor dem Sonnenlicht hemmt Aktionen im Sommerurlaub am Meer. Aus dieser Phobie heraus, sowie aus natürlicher Bescheidenheit, bevorzugen die meisten Frauen einen einteiligen Badeanzug, obwohl, basierend auf Bademodengeschäften in Hanoi, zweiteilige Badeanzüge langsam an Beliebtheit bei der Jugend gewinnen. Sobald sie jedoch aus dem Wasser sind, geht es zurück unter den Sonnenschirm. Vietnamesische Frauen haben kein Interesse an einem Sonnenbad und eine Bräune ist etwas, das sie gerne vermeiden würden.


Overall, Vietnamese girls are relaxed about their garments and many prefer a casual . On the younger generation, all of the planet’s T shirts can be seen, the majority of them made in Vietnam and a few with slogans in English that the wearer may be ashamed to hear translated. But when she chooses to dress up, the Vietnamese , young and not-so-young, can compete with her sisters everywhere, and for that very special event she can always wear an oa dai.


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