Warum perimenopausale Gewichtszunahme Es ist nicht Ihre Schuld?

Lächelnde reife Frau hält blauen Schal über den Kopf beim Spaziergang am Strand. Glückliche aktive und gesunde Frau, die den Sommerurlaub am Meer genießt. Dame mittleren Alters in lässigen Laufen am Meer mit blauem Stoff.

The notion of even approaching menopause makes you cringe, bringing , , low , and in your . Now that you end up experiencing unexplained weight gain, despite your eating healthy and exercising, you’re shocked into the realization that this additional weight is your induction to melancholy.

Weight gain

Although you might not be thrilled about your recently acquired weight, you can rest easy knowing that this is wholly normal rather than from just gorging yourself. refers to the transitional years before menopause, when your ovaries produce less hormones, and because of this, your periods become less frequent.

Unfortunately with this decrease in hormones, your body begins to undergo a slew of hormonal alterations that for many women can cause substantial distress and emotional turmoil in their lives. Your body begins to change its shape, including slow weight primarily to your abdominal region. You could be eating right and exercising, but still can not seem to keep your weight.

Hormonelle Veränderung

As you enter the first stages of menopause, there’s a change in your body’s hormones which directly affect your appetite, metabolism and fat storage. Once your and progesterone levels drop, your body looks for other methods to keep estrogen, and utilizes fat cells to convert into estrogen.

Ultimately, whatever you take in as calories is converted into fat, and losing weight becomes an almost impossible task. There’s a little bit of good news though. These fat cells are also generating , an anti- , which is among the reasons why girls with a couple of additional pounds, often feel fitter than very thin women – and younger! The fall in progesterone can also be responsible for lots of your perimenopausal symptoms, such as water bloating and weight.

Although the water retention might not really add on pounds, the discomfort of wearing any restrictive is a monthly all too familiar and one we could do without. To know some of the different causes of the unexplained weight gain, you want to appear at the factors in your life, and how they affect your body on an everyday basis.

In the world today, women push themselves too far and put too many demands on their bodies – needs that can not be supported. With our fast paced lifestyle, unhealthy , poor sleeping patterns, and lack of , hormonal imbalance appears inevitable. The pressure in our lives, whether physical, psychological, or diet-related, plays a huge part in the seriousness of our symptoms, but can be solved easily in many women.


There are many symptoms that women experience during perimenopause. What’s important to understand, is that by making the proper adjustments to your health, the less severe your symptoms will probably be. The great news, is that there are lots of things which you can do to reduce the hormonal jabs to your body during the perimenopausal stage. You can’t just reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms, but enhance your health to the best it has ever been as you input your menopausal years.


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