Warum ist das Lymphatische System wichtig?

Digitale medizinische Illustration, die das Lymphsystem in Kopf und Hals darstellt.

If you’re unfamiliar with basic physiology or anatomy, you’ve probably not heard much about the lymphatic system. It’s important to understand what this is and the way it affects your body. The lymph system is a system of vessels and filters (also called “nodes”) that function as a complicated “toxin removal system” for the body- this system is truly a drainage system for each the various areas of the body help to drain excess fluids from various areas of the body.


If this fluid isn’t removed, then toxins will build up in the body and cause swelling in places where the fluid was concentrated. If the body isn’t properly emptied of its toxins and they’re permitted to build up, this prevents the body from fighting infection and disease. As a matter of fact, any sort of malfunction in the lymphatic system will lead to significant illness and wreak havoc on someone’s body. This is because this system is also set up to help prevent lymph fluid from flowing back into body tissues and organs, which would be tantamount to throwing sewage into drinking water and then swallowing it.

Nature’s own little waste-management system for your body is also the body’s main defense against diseases caused by viruses, bacteria’s as well as fungus. These disease inducing things are taken out of the body’s blood by the lymph nodes- this is because lymph nodes include white blood cells, which are the body’s key disease and disease fighters.

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Certain white blood cells will create special disease-fighting proteins- that will really kill off infected and diseased cells. They also help to “trap” germs in the body and kill them before they have an opportunity to spread additional disease or disease throughout the body. This is the reason any sort of disease of the lymphatic system will stop the body from being able to fight off infection and disease and enhances one’s immune system. While not really a direct part of this entire “waste control lymph system” of the body, the spleen is also a significant player in helping to maintain a person’s immune system in optimal condition and in addition, it helps the body fight infection and disease.


The spleen also holds white blood cells which produce disease-fighting proteins (called antibodies) that kill germs, viruses, bacteria’s and some other kinds of cells that cause infection. The spleen is important in another component, and even though it works much like the lymphatic system- it also will kill any damaged cells which pass through and get them from the blood flow and bodily systems. However, this is why cancer is spread so easily and why lymph nodes which are extremely close to any sort of cancerous tumors are often also removed together with the cancerous tumor- to help stop the spread of cancer to different areas of the body.