Warum ist der Feminismus heute verloren?

Lächelnde lateinische Frau im Marsch auf Gleichberechtigung Rechte zu protestieren. Glückliche junge Frau Ermächtigung Streik auf der Straße schauen weg. Porträt der zuversichtlich, lässig Mädchen im März kämpfen für die Freiheit.

Women still earn 72 cents to every $1.00 a person earns. Women continue to be considered the principal homemaker in most families and are still largely responsible for caring for the family and the house. Women still average below 20 percent of CEO positions in this country. Women athletes earn much less than their male counterparts. These are incredible statistics and yet there’s absolutely no outrage or crusade against them.


The feminist movements of the past have been tarnished and labeled so that most women now don’t even need the name of feminist. But the feminist movement was only about equality. It wasn’t about burning bras and being admitted to male-only clubs. Feminism was a motion of a mindset that women should have all the equal rights bestowed upon men. The right to political, economic and social equality. We have just been able to vote since 1920 and the right to own property a little longer.

There have been great movements for girls. The early 1900’s, the 1960’s and a smaller crusade in the early 90’s. All these events have changed major areas for women in society and especially the office, but unfortunately it looks as though they are too soon forgotten and never carried through the entire potential and the ultimate objective of true equality. Why, as girls are we always happy with part of the decoration? The reality is that many of us are frightened of the names and conclusions that society bestows on girls. For instance: when a women works a lot of long hours she’s regarded as a bad mother and wife. If she is confident and friendly, she’s deemed loose and flirty.

If she is tough, she’s severe PMS. Its the free tagging given to girls. We’re observed and judged by our appearance, style, family values and motherly qualities. If we talk out of context, we’re ditzy and then there are those women motorists. The double standard that still exists on earth today is upsetting.


But women, we can only blame ourselves because we let it stay with our silence. And we certainly are responsible for the present biased by our own crucial words and conclusions about our fellow women that are crusading to change the sexual stereotypes that still exist. I saw an interview on tv during the recent election and the girls who talked commented that she was amazed with how many high profile women, not only didn’t support the two female candidates, but criticized them.

She added how wonderful it would have been to find women supporting women how the African-American community supported Obama. The black community cried with praise in his historic election, even if they did not vote for him. It was about the crusade they have been fighting and the remarkable feeling the entire community got from visiting the first African-American president. It was truly remarkable. That exact same feeling and unity wouldn’t have occurred if one of those women candidates had gotten elected.


Because the biggest critics of either candidate could have been other girls. How can we accomplish anything for girls when we’re our main challengers? As women, I think we have so many amazing qualities which would make us stronger if we learned how to utilize them in our favor. Women are emotional, genuine, compassionate, smart and gracious. We think about others and deal with everyone we love. We’ll fight to the end for our families and do anything is needed to be certain the people we care about are happy and safe.

The bonds which women have with each other are a remarkable puzzle and can’t ever be broken except by every other. The emotional level that we live on also tends to be the downfall of our crusade. We’ve got great emotions, but sadly, we also have a good deal of negative ones, also. Jealousy and envy produce the majority of our problems unifying us as a motion. We love the play of existence. Industries concentrate their advertising on our emotions. Skinny models and ideal wives and moms. To say we receive confusing messages is such an understatement.

Wussten Sie das?

So many girls have low self-esteem and melancholy. This then results in the critical and judgmental view we’ve got on other women. We can not be a co-cohesive unit until we know how to encourage one another and work together rather than as foes. We will need to check at powerful, confident girls as role models not challengers. We will need to recognize the things which have made them powerful and encourage those qualities rather than criticize them.

You do not necessarily have to like the man to respect their qualities. There are a lot of women that are redefining traditional roles and trying to modify the perspectives of women in society. These girls are inspirational in their direction, confidence, independence, intelligence and strength. These same women also have honesty, warmth, sincerity and grace. I really don’t feel the need to name some as there are so many that I’m confident you could think of some on your own.


Women have such vital roles in the world and I feel that if every one of us became more confident and less envious, we can make this world a better place for our daughters. I feel that if we can show them how to combine as girls and encourage each other it would make their own futures simpler as girls. Whatever role you have as a woman; spouse, mother; company owner; worker, I believe if you’re proud and confident and less judgmental about other girls, you will assist the shift. We each must be held accountable for where we are and where we’re going. If we can combine as women and halt the cattiness that appears to unite us in drama, we can persevere.