Warum haben Frauen uneingeschränkte Macht?

Mentale Stärke, Entschlossenheit und Menschenkraft, Konzept des positiven Denkens. Doppelbelichtung.

Life is extremely interesting, particularly for girls who look out for challenges to conquer. It’s astonishing to know that in this time and era when good things are happening there are people, most of which are girls that are tired and depressed. In my opinion, there’s not any better time in history to be alive if not today. A creation that accords women the privilege to be whatever they want to be.


They can climb the best mountain, fly the maximum height and go the maximum length. Women have exhibited great abilities in every area of human endeavor. It’s become clearer now that their contributions to humankind cannot be underestimated. In modern times, it is now widespread that women display extra-ordinary gifts and abilities. They excel in sports, arts, music, politics even in areas that they were originally despised like engineering, construction, aerodynamics and astronomy simply to mention but a few. I like the expression of Eleanor Roosevelt, when he said,”you gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face”.

Achieving your goals in life has nothing to do with colour, race or sex. Except women started to ignore the gender stereotype and discriminatory barriers, extolling their gifts in a universe like ours will be a mirage. Staring fear directly in the face helps girls to rapidly discover how powerful and brave they are. Time will failwords are endless and traces of the page are too brief to enumerate the names of women who through their unwavering perseverance broke the intimidation and obstacles put on the female’s potential.

Gut zu wissen

Real women don’t battle leadership roles with their husbands or other men, but they just do what’s ideal for the time. They see their gifts in the home-front as complementing the functions of the family head, not competing with them. Womanhood is lively as Manhood is fate. God made the life of a woman to be the most desirable, made to be appreciated, loved, admired and celebrated.

I came to truly understand that there’s a saying that everything about a girl in life could be anything but noble, if there isn’t any man at the head. Well, there is no denying the fact that guys can actually be a source of inspiration and stability for the lady – the potency (brain-box) of a woman’s confidence, yet each woman is unique by her own self. Single women have recorded wonderful achievements through the years, demonstrating to the world that they also are a force to reckon with. The saying,”What a person can do, a woman can do, even better” stands in the sense that women excel prominently in certain regions the men failed, not minding the expression that a woman isn’t complete without a man.

Notiz nehmen

There’s an evil that girls do to themselves now, particularly the unmarried. They tend to hide themselves because they’re single. They’re comfortable seeing the guys proudly go with the name: MEN, but barely feel fine in acts where large numbers of married couples were in attendance. They would feel awkward, like their “other halves” were missing. This has made single girls feel incomplete since they’re not married, but those that learn in time how to be content in Christ as He unfolds His plans and purposes for their lives, always have encouragement and a future.

Most girls missed great opportunities in life while awaiting their husbands to do these things for them. Some women got money from their savings that could help buy them a house, car, etc but their view that such would be the prerogatives of the husbands denied them these opportunities. Women should learn how and how not to make conclusions based on marital status. There are countless singles that are raring to progress their creation by changing their communities with creative skills, not as an automated labour pool because they do not have a partner, but as world changers, who willingly offered themselves to carve a niche for themselves.

Wussten Sie schon

In Nigeria, one woman made a name and encouraged the plan of womanhood by registering herself as the first female pilot. It’s a fact that as a single woman, you can feel isolated, alienated and often feel lonely, however your message of womanhood isn’t tied to a particular group – the wed. You’re made to shine, for you are a star! You can also make history like other girls of contemporary times which might comprise the first woman to fly in space, the first female to climb a high mountain – Nanga Parbet, the ninth highest mountain on earth.

Also, a woman is said by some to have started the civil right movement, when on December 1, 1995 she refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. Another girl, Jacqueline Cochran, was a pioneer pilot that had over 200 aviation documents. She was the first woman to break the sound barrier. Finally, one of the popular names in American TV business, appears to be a woman, who according to reports, is the wealthiest African American of the 20th century – the world’s most powerful black woman.

Her story is extremely intriguing because records show that she rose from poverty and a troubled youth to become one of the most influential women in the world today. There are other girls who have shown us that women need not accept the constraints that society put on them, but can work out their freedom through their God-given talents.


The story of all of these extraordinary girls and so many others is inspiring not only because they broke record, but since they couldn’t be sidelined from the forces against womanhood. However, they were faced with so many challenges which should have made them stop but they didn’t. You also can do the same. There’s no justification available for you in case you quit. You’re made to light up your world, because every girl is infinite in potentials!