Why Are Asian Women So Thin?

Beauty Portrait Of Young Asian Woman

The number one reason why Asian women are so thin is due to social demands placed on them by the media and the fashion industry. Youth and beauty is characterized by having an underdeveloped body with apparently childlike features.

Gut zu wissen

There are a few genetics involved, also. Biology tells us that signs of the first human-beings exhibited similar traits related to neoteny. The word itself is rarely utilized to denote underdevelopment, or people who retain juvenile attributes clear in their adulthood. In modern vernacular we used derogatory expressions such as pancake chest, flat bottom, flat as a board, skin and bones, and other more vibrant and offensive expressions to denote someone who’s underdeveloped and skinny.

Having no breast feeding, no buttocks, and something not associated called “Yaeba,” a Japanese word which means snaggletooth in English, is completely ruining the natural beauty of Japanese women. Being lean and underfed is self-depriving and therefore works against the natural maturation of the body. Eating three square meals a day and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Wussten Sie das?

Apparel shops market the concept of adorable and ‘forever 21’ to appeal to young women in their teens and twenties. The thought that by dressing like you’re 21 years old you can be 21 years old has been a marketing strategy for decades. It’s like the press Barons of Tokyo and Shibuya are working right alongside the fashion industry to promote youthful thin women as apposed to fit young women.

Having too much physical maturity is viewed as un-Japanese. Their seems to be a feeling of impurity associated with being looking too mature. Japanese girls are inundated with images of thin women in fashion magazines, movies, and movies. Quite often these thin women are portrayed as living the great life and seem to be happy and fulfilled due to all of the friends and lovers they seem to have.

Abschließende Anmerkung

Young Japanese girls put abnormally high expectations for themselves by experimenting with unhealthy diet fads which end up doing more damage than good. When they go shopping they wish to have the ability to fit into clothes that look cute, which are often times a 24-26 cm waist sizes. That’s extremely small. Manga is just another reason why too. Quite often caricatures are drawn with unnaturally little waste dimensions. It does not end there, Japanese guys prefer dating thinner women, often times with juvenile capabilities. Larger women feel isolated and under valued for their natural beauty. This rejection of what is natural has been eating away at society in Japan for decades, and has been among the chief contributing factors in suicide and depression for many young girls.

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