Welches sind die Stadien der Trauer in den Wechseljahren?

Stressed mature woman standing near window suffering from strong headache. Middle aged redhead woman with terrible migraine holding head with closed eyes. Mid lady feels pain in stomach, copy space.

So, if you’re reading this, it means you’re beginning to see some symptoms of perimenopause or menopause. Perhaps you’ve got a friend, sister or even Mom that you’re wondering about. Whatever the case, it’s going to be very useful for you to realize what you’re experiencing is extremely similar to your peers throughout the world.

Wussten Sie das?

Researchers know that when a person passes away, most individuals go through seven stages of grief. They compare to what I call the”Seven Stages of Menopausal Grief”. Though your journey is unique, you are or likely will go through these seven stages – see what you think! This happens after your initial”aha moment” that you could actually be starting the shift.

This may be physical and/or psychological. Perhaps you wish you would have achieved more by this era, or you will give a good deal of credence to this idea. Your periods could become erratic and full of even more distress than normal. By this time you might be promising your high power absurd things like you will never eat chocolate again if you can be the 1 woman since the start of time which could skip anything related to menopause. You can have times of terrific moodiness and being down on yourself.

You may be reflecting on the fact that you have wrinkles no matter how many creams or lotions you buy. If you are not talking to girlfriends or reading posts such as this, you may start to think you’re in this alone. This is when you have completed your research or spoke to the ideal physician or friend and have found out that there’s hope and hormone free assistance from Remifemin and Remifemin Good Night.

You get serious about sticking with your Remifemin routine and watching what you eat. For the first time in your life you obtain consistent with exercising and caring for yourself. The wisdom of your life so far becomes more apparent. This is the point where you know you will be OK. You may even be helping someone else who’s way back in step one.