Was muss man über Selbstwertgefühl wissen?

Gruppe von reifen weiblichen Freunden posieren für Selfie auf Handy zu Hause

All women need to understand that not only does self-esteem take a beating after being victimized but low self-esteem brings those who do the beating! I would never have entered the date rape scenario or the domestic violence situation in my life, had I’d healthy self-esteem.

Verstehen wir es

Let’s help stop individuals we know from going through the violence cycle of low self-esteem – violence – reduced self-esteem – more violence – much lower self-esteem – much more violence, and on and on. We would be concerned about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. When we speak about others it generally has to do with how they influence us.

Quite often it is to get attention, which goes back to us and our self-esteem. Complaining about someone usually means they have something we need, looks, focus, confidence, career; again the focus is really us. Some days seem like a roller coaster ride at the”Self-Esteem Amusement Park.” This is, unfortunately, normal so we will need to remind ourselves of our worth and place in the world.


Surround yourself with friends who know you and bolster, rather than attack, your self-esteem. If you’re feeling bad about yourself about specific people, get them from your life ASAP. It can be difficult to remain positive and impossible if somebody in your life is disempowering (bullying) you. If you do not have any good, positive people in your life at this time, be your own best company and you’ll attract them. They’re worth the wait!

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