What To Know About Herbal Teas For PUPPP?

Milk thistle blossoms. Milk thistle oil in softgels in the background

Since there is no known cure for PUPPP, you’ll find so many products available on the market which are used to greatly help relieve PUPPP symptoms. Those products range between topical answers to oral treatments that may be found over-the-counter or prescribed by physicians.

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Because nearly all women get PUPPP during pregnancy, they’re limited on the treatments they are able to use to take care of PUPPP. This short article includes a set of both topical and oral solutions which have been used to supply PUPPP relief. Topical solutions which have been noted as great PUPPP relievers include anti-itch lotions, essential oils, oatmeal baths, in addition to soaps which contain menthol.

Sarna Lotion is among the anti-itch lotions that seems to wear the crown for PUPPP suffers. It’s been mentioned on numerous blogs with rave reviews.

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While tea tree has greater reviews when it comes to providing PUPPP relief, some have noted that lavender oil works as well. While researching products to use I stumbled upon Pine Tar Soap. The product is discussed on about every blog that mentions PUPPP just. Pine Tar Soap is said to be very soothing and just the relief you need before applying either Sarna Lotion itch.

Some relief ought to be felt by you when using these products. Note just, there has been no mention of these products doing anything other than providing relief. There has been no mention of them curing PUPPP. Oral solutions that have been noted as PUPPP relievers include anti-histamines, herbal teas, herbal supplements, and steroids even.

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Any anti-histamine should provide the same level of relief according to what has been noted. In regards to herbal teas, Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root seem to be the Holy Grail of teas that have provided relief in some cases as well as aided in helping others get rid of PUPPP. Dandelion Root could be used a pill form also. The most popular treatment for PUPPP amongst those that are desperate is steroids.

While pregnant women are unable to take steroids, the intense irritation of PUPPP causes some to request steroids and induction. It has been noted that some doctors have done that and others have not. Some PUPPP sufferers noted that steroids did not cure their PUPPP. This article is only intended to provide information about PUPPP treatments that have either provided PUPPP relief or helped to get rid of PUPPP. You should speak with your physician before trying any of the products mentioned.

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