Was sollte man in den Wechseljahren essen?

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What is it about the change of life which has a scrambling to get the ideal für ? Neben der ekelerregenden spread, aside from the fact that her body is betraying her by wanting her to slow down, a woman in menopause will be searching for greater food for menopause to recover her . Or she must be, at least. The metabolism slows down because the body wants to hoard all of the resources it can. It has sensed a significant change is happening, which puts pressure on the body.

triggers adrenalin and , the “fight or flight” hormones, and, rather than helping the , she finds herself miserable, and probably seeing the beginnings of some very serious disease processes. So, superior food for menopause will assist a woman, in a lot of ways, to recover her health posture and stay vital and active.

What makes good food for menopause? Wholesome food tops the list, which means the menopausal woman should eliminate the undesirable foods from her diet. Bad foods include refined sugar, highly processed foods and white flour products, in addition to excessive . Eating foods as clean as possible and which are processed with less chemical procedures are best.

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A diet rich in , low in fat and balanced for minerals and vitamins, makes the grade for the meals for menopause diet. Fruits and vegetables contain all the essential a body needs, but supplements can be added in, particularly in places where certain foods are simply not as easily available. For instance, areas where fish isn’t a significant food source will come across individuals lacking in fatty acids such as Omega3, a very necessary ingredient for good health.

If fish isn’t appropriate for you for your food for menopause diet, then adding an Omega3 supplement is advised. The same is true for other essential foods items, like and soy. Red meat shouldn’t be in your list of meals for menopause, even though it can be consumed in moderate quantities. What you need is lean meats which are extremely high in protein.

Water is life, as they say, and drinking lots of water is vital. If you liken your body to a car and your own food for melancholy as the fuel, then water is similar to the oil in the vehicle. It retains the systems cooled and lubricated. One way to tell if you’re dehydrated is to detect how many times you get constipated. When the body is dehydrated, the intestines are the first place the body goes for the fluids it needs. So, literally, that which flows much more easily when there is loads of water available.


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