Was sollten Sie über Frauenkrankheiten wissen?

A stressed woman who is suffering from a chest pain and touching her heart area.

A couple of years ago I was meandering by way of a bookstore when I ran across a book called Honoring Menstruation by Lara Owen. Thinking it a fascinating topic, It had been bought by me and wear it my bookshelf in the home. It sat unopened and unread for quite some time there, but did get passed over often for trips to used bookstores, where other less meaningful books went.

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A month or more ago I made a decision to pull the written book off the shelf and appearance through it. After all, easily waited a lot longer the topic could possibly be irrelevant. I’d have to switch to books with titles like Honoring Menopause. Or possibly it had been that I needed a little more insight to raised help women reach a location where they deeper respect themselves and their natural cycles, than viewing them as nuisances or medical ailments rather. What I came across in the written book was an in-depth consider the deeper meaning of the “period, ” why the topic is avoided and surrounded with a cloud of almost, and how it could be accepted as an excellent bringer and teacher of wisdom, to men and women. I wish i had browse the book in the past.


I had been aware that people reside in a that denies the sanctity of menstruation. It really is well known that girls inside our society lose -esteem because they journey through adolescence. They end up awkward and embarrassed around natural occurrences such as for example having their period, developing breasts, and growing taller compared to the boys. There is absolutely no rite of passage, ceremony, or celebration to initiate girls right into a right amount of time in their lives if they become fertile; when they end up being the next generation to generate new life; if they begin their journey toward becoming the bearers of wisdom.

Instead, numerous ladies are briefly told the way to handle the mess. From there, they’re by themselves. Culturally, the menstrual period is seen being an uncomfortable, painful and emotional burden which has to be handled often. It inhibits sports and activities, work, travel, sex, emotional stability and mental clarity for 35 years about. During this right time, it requires to be hidden. Even better, a female can continue her normal activities and pretend it is not happening at simply by taking medication to block symptoms and through the use of products that allow her to ignore it. But at what price have we restarted the sanctity of a ’s “moon time?” Could the itself be due partly to just how we routinely ignore our anatomies and their natural cycles? Could disease and illness tie in aswell? These cycles and their messages carry a lot of information that, overall, we’ve ignored.

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Painful periods, imbalances, , all these have emerged as medical ailments but are messages from the body filled with wisdom asking us to cover attention. A good example that women have lost touch making use of their bodies is if they can go 2-3 months being unsure of they’re pregnant. Or whenever a woman who has already established excessive bleeding tries to be on about her normal life not acknowledging the grapefruit-sized tumor in her uterus. Or when cancer in the breasts or other reproductive organs continues to take lives but our society won’t address the deeper meaning.

There’s something sacred to be heard from the physical body. Can we reach hearing it back? What would marking the onset of menstruation do for the worthiness a female places on her behalf body and its own cycles? This can be a significant life transition that people let go by. It is a significant initiation, a birth of sorts, without the fanfare or recognition or gifts. Could a ceremony or celebration, fathers included, be considered a real solution to help build the feelings of and love in a woman? Many cultures believe so, plus they have traditions to mark the passage. Furthermore, imagine if the time was the right time whenever a woman allowed herself to rest, reflect, more, nourish herself, and relieve herself for the right time from the constant caretaking of others. This is a historical custom.

A long time ago a female left the real home for a location of quiet for two days, where nothing was expected of her apart from she within to revive herself and gather new wisdom on her behalf and community. Inside our country, women are starting to give their very own girls the celebration they missed so their daughters can approach menstruation in a wholesome way.


A good lunch with mother (and/or father) grandma, aunts, and trusted friends, gifts, a ritual to welcome a woman in to the realm of women can go quite a distance toward repairing the hole in the knowledge to be female. For leaving the real home for a quiet place, a lot of us may not be able to do that. But being aware of going for a pause, sleeping a little longer, limiting activities and commitments, making sure there’s made and a clean house beforehand already, these would help heal the rift between a female and her body, bringing back a small amount of purpose and meaning to a sacred time.


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