Was ist der Zusammenhang zwischen Osteoporose und Menopause?

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Osteoporosis is really a disease affecting the bone relative density and structure of women with menopause. Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone” which weakening of the bone can result in unexpected fractures. Osteoporosis are painless usually, thus it could go undetected for a long time and may only be diagnosed once a fracture occurs.


It’s estimated that about 80% of most women that’s experiencing menopause are vunerable to osteoporosis. Furthermore in accordance with statistics about 33% of most women over 50 yrs . old will experience fractures because of osteoporosis. Men are been suffering from osteoporosis, but not just as much as in the entire case with women. It’s estimated that only 20% of men are influenced by osteoporosis and they may also be affected much later within their lifetime as women.

This may be because of the fact a man’s skeleton is a lot stronger and much more bulky that women and also the proven fact that women starts very early within their lifetime with hormone changes, referred to as menopause. This concludes that women must take much greater care because they are very vunerable to osteoporosis as soon as the initial fracture occurred, she actually is susceptible to more fractures also. It is necessary for several women to have a proactive approach against osteoporosis since it is undetected until a fracture occurs. With almost every other diseases there’s signs or symptoms which will warn a sufferer of the chance of an underlying problem, however, not with osteoporosis. There are always a handful of signs that one may consider that may indicate the chance of someone having osteoporosis.

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Certainly, osteoporosis is associated with hormone changes. This explains why 80% of women suffer from menopause because they are undergoing extreme hormone changes if they enter perimenopause. During this time period there’s an extreme change in hormone levels which results in inadequate degrees of estrogen. Without adequate degrees of estrogen, bones cannot absorb adequate degrees of calcium that is used to replenish bone mass because the older cells die.

When these cells off and die and so are not being replenished slough, bone relative density decreases which in turn causes osteoporosis. You can find other factors aswell causing osteoporosis such as for example certain medications, genetic factors and insufficient bone growth during one’s youth. How will you prevent osteoporosis?


Prevention is preferable to cure! It is advisable to rather try to avoid the disease from starting to begin with than later looking for a cure. You can find methods to increase bone mass and to reduce the destruction of bones like we find in menopausal women. It is advisable to take the bull by the horns before this becomes a nagging problem. Below is really a set of some precautionary measures that could be taken up to prevent this dreadful disease. · In case you are obese, lose it. Whenever we are seeking treatment for a disorder, we focus on minimal invasive treatment always.

This may mean something as simple as a lifestyle change like eating healthier, taking more fluids, a supplements and really should this not proof successful, we are able to proceed to surgery and pharmaceuticals. The ultimate way to combat hormone changes could be accomplished with changes in lifestyle and alternative medicine successfully. Alternative medicine is natural and organic, very safe and doesn’t only assist you to combat the hormone changes but additionally give your system that overall boost it requires to maintain energy and keep you healthy.


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