Was ist die neueste Menopause natürliche Behandlung?

Peruanischer Ginseng oder Maca (Lepidium meyenii), getrocknete Wurzel und Pulver auf Holztisch

Standard medication is continuing to prescribe medication that lots of women won’t use because they’ve found Premarin and Prempro don’t work. The Women’s Health Initiative told the entire country about the hazards of synthetic compounds and horse-derived hormone medication exposing the deadly side effects.

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Fortunately, there’s a small but committed group of scientists trying to find a natural approach to create a prosperous menopause control program and a brief time ago they found a novel system to handle rapid hormonal fluctuations at the middle of menopausal symptoms. Research made it clear an adaptogen native to South America, known as maca root, had very powerful anti-menopausal consequences.

Research also found maca enhanced a woman’s sexual desire, fertility and reduced stress and weight gain brought on by menopause and caused the beneficial side effects on lipid levels and bone density. Maca root is located in the Andes mountains, over the 12,000 foot elevation. Maca has been used since the pre-Columbian interval from the indigenous peoples of the region. They used it as a fertility enhancer and aphrodisiac for both women and men. Traditionally, the Peruvian individuals have used maca as an adaptogen to facilitate physical and psychological stresses of menopause.

High tech science researched modern methods in Peruvian laboratories that have enlarged to research centers around the globe bringing forth information supporting the classic therapeutic applications. It’s been discovered that maca contains 53 components. With these elements, maca extracts have a enormous number of biological actions in laboratory tests including anti-microbial and pesticidal effects.

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They also discovered maca extracts have moderate anti-oxidant effect offering some protection against induced liver cell damage. Before any lab research on maca was started, there was a thorough literature search to verify maca’s positive effects on sexual function and response. It was also found that there’s growing information on maca’s effects through menopause.

Maca was shown to be effective at reducing or completely neutralizing variations of body chemistry caused by stress. In animal studies, maca was discovered to eliminate stress effects and at exactly the exact same time, stop the adrenal gland enlargement caused by chronic stress. Maca spans many biochemical pathways and functions to remove stress-induced declines in fatty acids in the blood mitigating visual pressure responses in animal research. An intriguing animal study was coordinated in which a bunch of adult rats and mice ingested maca for twenty-two days.

The study reported an remarkable increase in the amount of episodes of successful sexual intercourse when compared to the control group. When the females were analyzed for sperm after sex, there were more than twice as many testing positive when compared to the control group. Those male creatures with erectile dysfunction ingesting maca extract achieved successful erections after stimulation. The analysis concluded maca was effective in improving sexual function and encouraged its aphrodisiac properties.

Female fertility is increased by maca during these phases of reproduction. Data from the study showed that there was an increase in litter size in animals ingesting maca. Estrogenic effects were triggered with the animals whose ovaries were removed in an attempt to mimic menopause and the collected data revealed there was an increase in the size and weight of the uterus. Maca presents dynamic effects on sexual functions. The researchers also discovered sex hormones have been increased by impressive balancing and stabilizing action on the stress hormone cortisol and its endocrinological activate, adrenocorticotropic hormone the adrenal gland secretes.

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A group of Australian and Polish scientists have achieved a whole lot in mapping maca’s involved interactions with the adrenal, hypothalamic and adrenal reaction systems concerning sexual function and whose activities are negatively affected by menopause. Animal study data has proven this group that maca, in very high dosages, is completely secure and, in more moderate doses, it brings about powerful adaptogenic effects by lowering cortisol and ACTH levels.

One animal study reported maca has different sedative and sedative effects but doesn’t act to make any changes in cognitive functioning.

Another research study carried out by Peruvian scientists discovered that maca significantly enhances memory impairment that’s been chemically induced by blocking the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE). This work was followed up with another study in which the Peruvian team discovered that maca considerably improved memory function in a group of mice that had their ovaries removed to mimic menopause. Changes brought on by menopause could be extended to other cells. A study using a pre-clinical design was used to analyze maca’s effect of reducing weight reduction with increased estrogen levels at the start of menopause and ceased the enhancement of blood lipid above normal.

Blood markers indicating a state of bone loss were also shown to be restored like those found in animals before menopause. This data suggests maca might be effective in preventing post menopausal bone loss. Another study acting to validate this information showed maca has a beneficial impact on bone mineral density and composition. Other studies are also finding that their information shows maca acts to prevent ultraviolet light-induced skin damage in animal studies. This is deemed significant since post menopausal women do have episodes of skin changes that could include increased skin cancer caused by ultraviolet exposure. Clinical studies are confirming maca’s advantages for women. Charles Sturt University’s research team has generated significant data from their individual trials. In the trials, they utilized standardized maca extract. Initially, they used a placebo-controlled test among girls close to the start of menopause.

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The research generated positive results with significant changes in desktop hormones affecting sexual hormone secretion and this led in progesterone and estrogen levels being raised after 8 months of maca intake. These changes were accompanied by an improvement in how the girls felt as the menopause distress was greatly reduced or not experienced. Charles Sturt University is in Australia and their first human clinical trial was successful laying the basis for a more detailed human identification. This clinical trial was designed to be a randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter-clinical trial.

The design called for 124 women close to the start of menopause, ages averaging 49 years old and older. All the girls were required to fulfill symptomatic and biochemical standards before they were competent to be in the trial. Each girl had to have low estrogen and high levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). High FSH and low estrogen reveal that the ovarian function is below levels typical of a woman’s reproductive years and can be used to specify the post-menopausal period. The trial design also called for each girl to ingest 2gm of maca each day or placebo, for a period of four weeks. Biochemical profiles along with a standardized indicator of menopausal symptoms were utilized.

The study was very profitable. Maca extract enhanced production of estradiol and limited the FSH levels, an almost unmatched hormonal equilibrium. Supplemented girls also had a positive growth in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) whereas the placebo group didn’t have any of the aforementioned improvements. The adventures of the individual women in the supplemented group had greatly reduced frequency and severity of menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes and night sweats. The authors of this study found maca,”an attractive non-hormonal addition to the options available to early-postmenopausal girls in the kind of a natural plant alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).”


This gives a significant decrease in dependence on hormone treatment programs. This study also confirmed a remarkable reduction of cortisol and ACTH leading to a substantial decrease in stress hormones and an increase of serum iron. Data also revealed an increase in bone density markers. Other research studies have replicated the design of the study and found data to support the initial study’s findings. They also have found strong data to support maca’s psychological advantages enhance sexual function in addition to significant reductions of depression and anxiety.