Was ist Candida Albicans?

skull shape from sugar

Candida albicans, a parasite that loves sugar and yeast, is a favorite food source. There are many types of yeast. I will be referring to candida albicans. This nasty yeast-based fungus can have a strong desire to eat the food we eat. My friend had shared with me her miraculous “recovery” from a variety of symptoms after she became yeast-free. I decided that it was my turn. It seemed daunting at first. It meant that you had to give up sugar, white refined flour, and dairy products, at least temporarily.

Tun Sie das!

You must carefully read labels if you want to eliminate sugar from your diet. You should eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet. The most refined sugar is alcohol. This diet should not be followed unless absolutely necessary. They are also highly allergenic and high carbohydrate. The human body is unable to digest them properly. They can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Large amounts of grains can cause an acid/alkaline imbalance, which can lead to yeast growth. If necessary, you can use the grains listed below. Let me tell you about the yeast in your body and the yeast responsible for making bread rise. This helps to make the topic much more clear. I can still remember the yeast my mother would bring home from the grocery to make the occasional homemade rolls or the very special homemade bread. And I knew that yeast was the main ingredient in all the bread I ate. But that was about it.


The yeast infection was a mysterious infection that women would sometimes get. Although I liked the name, I never stopped to wonder how “The Yeast Infection”, got its name. You probably guessed it. The yeast we eat every day in our breads, pastries, and other delicious meals can trigger yeast infections in women and men. Although they aren’t exactly the same yeast strands, they do share a close connection.