What Is A ReCareer?

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For girls, the second half of life brings with it many career options and questions. For some girls, continuing in an existing career doesn’t meet personal, financial or spiritual demands as it once did. For many others, re-entering the workforce has become a necessity because of the changes in the market.


Either way, a ReCareer might be the solution. What’s a ReCareer? Women at midlife who are”seekers” want something deeper from life. They want more private purpose, more significance, and want their attempts to align more closely with their core beliefs. They seek a more authentic means of living. To these girls seekers, who might be 45, 55, 65 or older, age holds no significance.

What does hold significance for them comes from interactions and work which renew their life goal, revitalize their passion, reignite their soul, and fulfill their internal desires. Among my closest friends is a priest. She was brave enough to hear that persistent voice within her that said she had to take a new career path. For the last several years she has commuted back and forth between the house she shares with her husband in Pennsylvania and her apartment in New York City where she conducts her own executive coaching business.

She was in her mid 50s when she made this change. Largely due to seekers like my buddy, there’s been a fundamental shift in the way we perceive becoming older. Previous assumptions about life’s second half have become passé as a new set of beliefs are giving birth to what it means to live optimally. Aging is no longer regarded as a forced march down a path of decline and constriction, a route that narrows the older we get. The path we are on now is one of growth, with a emphasis on gaining new wisdom, and finding a new authenticity and importance greater than anything previously experienced.

Your Goals

Certainly the goals of functioning over our lifespan have shifted. Our former jobs provided a financial base. They paid the mortgage, put the kids through college, and got us through the everyday expenses of living. All this was essential, but for many reasons girls are currently trying to find something more; something which gives rise to that still small voice within longing for accomplishment of another type – something which feeds their own being. There are comparatively few, if any, clear cut instructions for women in midlife that are seeking that mixing of livelihood and lifestyle passion, so how can they start this ReCareer journey? First thing is to commit to a personal assessment, a private excavation of sorts. A ReCareer represents far more than a set of skills and functions, it is a woman’s individual reaction to her internal call; it is her investment in the assignment of her life.

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A ReCareer decides much of a woman’s total environment: physical, social, psychological, emotional, and even religious arenas of living. There are 5 essential competencies that girls will need to handle before they could successfully launch themselves into a ReCareer. ReCareer Identity: is defined as the degree to which women derive a personal sense of definition and identity from their work. How much of the personal identity, their distinctive definition of self, comes out of their livelihood? Moreover, it is important to examine attitudes, beliefs, and feelings women hold about themselves and determine if they’re still true or if they’re self-limiting.

Additionally, it is important to build a personal definition of the prospective ReCareer (new profession ), and to evaluate each of their previously held positions concerning abilities and functions performed, and any personal feelings created by these positions. ReCareer Self-Assessment: helps women identify their ReCareer values, interests and abilities. Do they know their internal values, motivated abilities, and most cherished interests well enough to accurately interpret what is truly best for them in their ReCareer procedure? Transition Hardiness: The definition of”hardiness” is your ability to be adaptable and flexible – two qualities which are crucial to successfully engaging in Recareer lifestyle change. Women will need to determine if they’ve developed the necessary internal qualities of hardiness: commitment, control, challenge, and connectedness that will enable them to better reach their ReCareer goals.

By looking at previous career and personal life experiences girls can evaluate these qualities and work on these areas that may need shoring up. ReCareer Success Perception: looks at women’s personal and career worlds and how they could perceive the events in their career and personal life as self-enhancing and self-affirming. That’s achieved by discovering and analyzing the successes girls have attained in their personal and career life thus far. Success perception is the basis of a favorable self-esteem. With no positive self-esteem, girls are denying their inborn power – the energy that requires them to their ReCareer Success.


It’s important for girls to define what “success” means to them, and to inquire if they’ve successfully clarified their distinctive formula for ReCareer success. Setting ReCareer Goals and Making ReCareer Decisions: The aim of this focus is to help women establish ReCareer and lifestyle goals which could help them in pursuing a clear ReCareer direction. To do so, it is important to examine all the life arenas: work, family, relationships, self, leisure, and religious to assess how well girls exercise solid decision-making abilities and what areas they need to deal with to be able to invent the most persuasive ReCareer goals and bring them into reality.