Was ist ein Lippenstift Elektroschocker?

Hand holding a liquid lipstick on black background

Unfortunately, in today’s society possible dangers lurk in each community and women can never be too careful with their security. Everyday more and more women become victims of sexual assaults, they become rape statistics. You might be asking yourself how it’s possible for you to defend yourself at all times.

Was ist zu tun?

How can you fight an attacker that’s bigger than you? Fortunately, technology is on the side of women in this regard and there are lots of self-defense devices which are tailored to females that deserve to have protection in their times of need. The lipstick stun gun is the solution to all of your self-defense needs. As one of the smallest defense apparatus for girls it’s perhaps among the most efficient protective steps a woman can take before she leaves her dwelling.

It’s a powerful rechargeable stun gun hidden in a 3″ x 3/4″ tube, much like a lipstick. It may be compact in size, but it’s loaded with 350,000 to 950,000 volts of electric power. This is more than sufficient to trap your attacker and paralyzed him giving you time to get off safely, seek help and finally turn him to police. Perhaps the best benefit of this lipstick stun gun is that is a hidden self-defense tool.


Disguised as a private beauty thing your attacker will dismiss it as a mere lipstick if you’re holding it in your hand or if it’s in your pocket. And of course if you start your handbag to reach for the wallet others won’t find a stun gun in your purse, they also will only think it’s a beauty product. For extra effect your stun gun is available in three distinct colors: black, pink and silver. This gadget also includes a safety pin and a lanyard, or a wrist strap for more protective measures. Just strap it to your wrist if you believe you’re in an unsafe area, and if an assailant takes it away from you the security pin will dislodge and disable the stun gun. In this manner, your attacker can’t use your weapon.

This personal protective gadget also functions as flashlight with strong and bright LED bulbs. Flashlights are extremely important primary gadgets especially during emergency cases. Included in the bundle, besides the safety pin and lanyard, are the charger and instruction manual. The device is also protected by a two-year guarantee period, and because it’s legal in many states buying or acquiring this self-defense device is quite simple and trouble free.


There are no legal documents required and the many that will be demanded of you is the ID card. Women’s physical strength might be restricted when compared to the majority of male counterparts, but girls should not permit this to be a drawback. They could be fragile in appearance but there are lots of ways to compensate for it. Vigilance and a reliable gadget such as the lipstick stun gun will certainly give you all the protection you want.


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