Was sind die Ursachen für eine frühe Menopause?

Loneliness, depression, sadness, insomnia.

In the life of each woman comes a stage where after she’s no longer able to replicate and this stage marks the end of their sexual lifestyle. Early menopause as its name implies is the incidence of menopause before the normal time. Menopause is one such stage of life that’s hated by every woman as it brings with it plenty of problems and side effects.

Premature menopause

Acquiring knowledge of the signs and causes of premature menopause can allow you to tackle this issue in a better way. Auto immune disorder has led to the incidence of premature menopause at a high number of girls, in reality it’s the biggest contributor. In this, the immune system sends antibodies to destroy the erroneously perceived risks. These radicals finally happen to interfere with your reproductive system and ruin some of your gut functions.

Chromosomal defects may also contribute to cause premature menopause. Some flaws in the X chromosome of girls can cause lower production of eggs from the ovaries thereby causing premature menopause. Women who undergo a surgery to get their uterus removed also suffer with premature menopause due to the hormonal imbalance generated in their body.

Progesterone levels

After removal of uterus and ovaries the progesterone and estrogen levels in your body fall to a minimum amount thereby causing menopause immediately. This is perhaps the toughest stage to tackle because you’ll be experiencing the after effects of a operation and menopausal problems at precisely the exact same time. Early menopause may also develop as a complication of this cancer therapy. Women experiencing cancer receive chemotherapy to eliminate the same that in turn can damage the uterus hence causing premature menopause.

Early menopause may also be a hereditary problem however the odds of such a thing happening are minimal. During your birth if your mom suffered viral infections in her uterus you may be born with lesser amount of eggs on your uterus. Lesser amount of eggs means they won’t last the standard time and thus cause premature menopause. Moreover certain infections on your uterus may also lead to the incidence of premature menopause and after the disease was cured you might not have the ability to reproduce. Disorders like celiac disease and Hypothamic disease, which have symptoms pretty much like those of menopause, may be a cause of concern for the exact same but actually once you consult a physician you know the specific issue.


This is why it is always suggested to consult a physician who will diagnose the ideal issue you suffer from and treat you accordingly. Tamoxifen, treatment for breast cancer patients, like chemotherapy is known to cause damage to the ovaries thereby leading to premature menopause. It really decreases the amount of estrogen hormone in the body that ultimately contributes to menopause. Knowing all of the causes of premature menopause can allow you to steer clear of the problem which is what all women need.