Was sind die beliebtesten persönlichen Sicherheitsgeräte?

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Naturally, nobody wants to be a victim of any crime like stealing, killing and so on. Everyone normally prefers to walk on the roads or any places without needing to worry about the men and women who don’t have anything else to do but to attack others, innocent and defenseless ones particularly.

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This really happens almost everyday in various places and the majority of the time, these people today believe women as their victims. This is the principal reason many women live in fear believing they are the weaker ones. But at present, things shouldn’t remain this way. You, as a woman, can defend yourself in so many ways and among the very best methods to make this possible is with a personal safety device.

You can pick from a massive variety of private security devices and below are a few of the most popular ones. First on the list is a stun gun. Perhaps you’ve already heard of the device considering that lots of individuals use it for many reasons related to safety and security. This is a tiny electronic device that’s usually hand-held and is regarded as among the very best devices which you can use to keep yourself safe and protected from attackers.

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Basically, this system releases a high voltage of power when the trigger is pulled or after the button is pressed. The power will be the one to make the attacker incapacitated, immobilized or accountable for a few minutes but it doesn’t seriously damage the attacker. And one thing you ought to remember when using this device, the majority of the time, it only works when you’re in direct contact with the attacker. Just like a stun gun, a pepper spray is also an effective product which you could use for private security.

This product doesn’t require electricity or a battery to function as it’s exactly like any other kinds of spray products. You can simply spray it on a particular area of the attacker’s body, his eyes to be specific, and you may already have a opportunity to save your life. It’s the ingredients used to produce the spray which makes it quite effective.

The main component is truly a substance that’s extracted from pepper that if sprayed into the eyes cause temporary blindness. Personal alarm devices may also be of great assistance. You may not be able to use these devices to literally defend yourself, but they can be quite helpful in drawing other people’s attention towards you.


When you an attacker tries to get close to you, you may simply blow the security whistle and other personal alarm devices. The noise that the device will give out will be sufficient to distract the attacker and that is when you can run for assistance. These are just three of the most common personal security devices which you could consider as ideal alternatives. On the other hand, using a specific kind of firearm is also an option that could look into but before you can use a single, you must undergo proper training initially and protected needed permits to take it. This is the reason why non-lethal devices like those mentioned previously are more preferable.