Was sind die Vorteile von Johanniskraut, Tofu und Nachtkerzenöl?

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Ein Leitfaden für die Behandlung der Symptome von . Perimenopause is a natural part of that all girls undergo. It’s not a disease which may be prevented or treated. It’s the stage where our bodies produce less in preparation for . This decrease is estrogen is responsible for the signs, symptoms and distress that we normally associate with being perimenopausal.


Perimenopause symptoms are experienced differently by each . Some experience symptoms in their 30s while others do not have it before their early 50s. Others endure with the symptoms for ten years or longer, while others complete the transition into menopause within 2 decades. Some go through it with hardly any discomfort, while others may endure debilitating pain which stop them from doing the things they normally enjoy.

If you suffer from moderate to severe symptoms of perimenopause, you will find medical and natural treatments which you could consider to help alleviate your symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) alleviates the symptoms of perimenopause by adding to our bodies’ shop of estrogen. Taking low dose pills has been shown t succeed in reducing, even eliminating , difficulty sleeping and in handling periods. It comes in several forms – low dose pills, estrogen skin patches, vaginal cream, rings and dyes. HRT is not for everyone.

Do you know?

There are serious dangers associated with its use. The US FDA recommends taking it in the lowest dose and for the shortest amount of time necessary. Before taking any medication, it’s important to speak with your physician. Bio uses estrogen that’s derived from plants. Unlike conventional HRT, bio identical hormones are customized to your body’s particular requirements. No long term studies on the effectiveness and safety of bio identical hormones are conducted.

Some believe that the dangers associated with taking conventional HRT are also present in hormones that are anabolic. Consult with an experienced naturopathic physician or your healthcare provider before taking any medication. The value of eating right and exercising can’t be stressed enough. Often, by making changes and adjustments in your diet, you can radically improve the way your body copes with your fluctuating estrogen levels. Exercise strengthens heart muscles, keeps at bay and enhances your general . Limiting the intake of found in coffee and soda can help alleviate hot flashes.


Some women also realize that there are particular foods that trigger hot flashes. By being sensitive to your body’s response, you are able to identify these foods and reduce your consumption of them. While not all herbs supposed to alleviate symptoms of perimenopause have been clinically documented, a great deal of women swear to their effectiveness. Women are also eager to try these natural and remedies because they carry lesser chance of side effects.

Some of the more popular ones include , St. John’s wort, tofu and primrose oil. If you are among the numerous women who suffer severe and debilitating symptoms of perimenopause, it can look like an eternity because you felt like yourself. Whatever option you decide to handle the symptoms of perimenopause, it is crucial that you do your own research and consult with a qualified naturopathic doctor or healthcare provider.


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