Was sind einige Migräne Kopfschmerzen Remedies, die Arbeit?

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What are some migraine headache remedies? Many Americans who suffer from migraine headache attacks have prayed for years for a solution. It can manifest as a slight drowsiness and fever, or even as a slight tension in the temples. Before the sufferer realizes it, they are in bed with nausea and numbness. They can’t do much except wait for the incapacitating pains to subside.


Recent research shows that migraine sufferers who experience migraines more often than once per week and for longer periods of time are at greater risk of experiencing a recurrence. Cold washcloths, exercise and herbal supplements may be the best options. Traditional Chinese medicine has been around nearly 5,000 years and offers natural remedies for migraine sufferers. It can be more fun to try things like Chinese acupuncture, Chinese massage, and herbal supplements than taking Excedrin or waiting for it to pass.

Because each person is different, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of migraines. Many Chinese doctors believe that your body is telling you something is wrong with your natural homeostasis. This can be rectified using a combination of environmental changes, procedures, and some philosophical meandering.

Natural Remedy

One natural remedy for migraine headaches is Chinese Massage. You can book an appointment during lunch to get a relaxing, rejuvenating massage that will ease your headaches and help you get through the rest of your day. For the best results, choose a spa that offers Chinese massages. You’ll find that the spa is more spiritual than a medical procedure once you enter it. You can relax with soothing instrumental music, incense, and essential oils.

Before you start, you can put on a robe, sandals, and have a cup of tea. Lying down on the table will allow you to let go of all your worries and tension. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. There are many over-the-counter pain relievers and medicines that offer temporary relief for migraine headaches. These high-priced chemicals shouldn’t be your only option. According to doctors from the school Chinese medicine, your head pain is caused by an imbalance between your body’s environment and your own.


Alternative therapies such as Chinese acupuncture and herbal supplements may be recommended if you have tried many different treatments. You might be surprised at the results!